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Warzone Players Already Hate The New Standoff Gulag in Season 3

Warzone players don’t like the new Gulag at all!

In Warzone, the Gulag gives you a second chance to redeploy after you die the first time. Home to intense and high stakes 1v1 fights, the Gulag is also a fan-favorite Warzone feature.

When Warzone launched, it started off with a Gulag map based in Prison’s run-down showers. This was then updated to the much-hated Nuketown Gulag in Cold War Season 1.

However, along with all of the new POIs in Verdansk ’84, the map has also brought a new Gulag along with it. This was initially welcomed by Warzone fans, but the sentiment has quickly turned sour.

Warzone Verdansk '84 Gulag

New Season 3 Gulag Has Major Problems

After just a few days on the new 1984 Verdansk map, many players have decided that they have had enough of the new Gulag. In case you haven’t had a chance to drop in yet, check out the new Standoff Gulag here.

Many fans of the game have taken to the Warzone subreddit to voice their opinions on the Standoff Gulag, and they are far from positive.

A post from u/Llama_Extinction reveals 3 major problems that Warzone players have with the new Season 3 Gulag. Many players agree with this assessment too.

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Warzone Verdansk '84 Gulag Flag

Warzone Gulag Campers Get Easy Wins

The main complaint that players have with the new Gulag is that players can easily camp behind cover to get easy wins. The new Gulag has a lot of solid cover which makes it very easy to just pre-aim a spot where you think your opponent will appear.

Also, this Gulag is quite dark and players certain skins will be able to blend into the shadows quite easily.

Warzone Season 3 has brought a Roze nerf. However, players have already begun to use a new skin that is even harder to spot.

Additionally, many players don’t like the layout of the map. Asymmetrical Gulag layouts will always give an advantage to one player and having a second level that players can climb up onto also makes it unfair for the player who is further away.

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Let’s hope that this new Gulag gets a few minor changes from Warzone developer Raven to make it fairer.

Meanwhile, players are searching to find the next meta weapon in Warzone. The best place to start would be JGOD’s list of the best weapons in Warzone Season 3.

Also, be sure to check out this zero recoil loadout by a top Warzone YouTuber. Unfortunately, you can’t get this gun in the new Warzone Gulag.

Finally, it looks like you’ll be seeing fewer hackers in Warzone soon. Activision is investing more in Warzone anti-cheat.

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