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Warzone Players Hate New ‘Clash’ 50v50 Game Mode

Warzone players who have been dropping into the new 50v50 Game Mode ‘Clash’ have been left very disappointed.

Everyone knows that Warzone is first and foremost a Battle Royale game, however, the game has had a number of different secondary game modes since its launch last year.

Some have proved to be very popular as players were desperate for the limited-time Payload game mode to stay in Season 5. Although, players think that the new Clash game mode could be the worst yet.

But first, find out why Warzone needs a ranked game mode.

Warzone Dirt Bike

Warzone’s Clash Game Mode Has Major Camper Problems

The Warzone Season 5 Reloaded update has introduced plenty of new content to the game. And while players are extremely excited about the upcoming Iron Trials ’84 game mode, the current game mode, Clash, has been a total disappointment for many players.

In theory, Clash should be extremely enjoyable for Warzone players who want a more casual mode to play. However, most players haven’t enjoyed it at all so far.

A new post on the Warzone subreddit has explained why so many players have had a terrible experience in Clash.

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The main problem players have with it is that the game mode encourages campers armed with sniper rifles. This means that you’ll get killed before you can even join the battle most of the time.

Maybe if Raven wants Clash to be a success, it could add this fan-made anti-camper Field Upgrade.

“Not sure why they would replace plunder with this terrible mode… A huge campfest of snipers who don’t leave buildings.”

PeaceGuy420 Reddit

Have you tried out the new Clash game mode in Warzone yet? Many players will be hoping that Raven brings back Plunder in next week’s playlist update.

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In other news, Verdansk has a new secret. Find out how to complete the new Warzone Red Door Easter Egg.

Additionally, a brand-new Warzone map with improved anti-cheat is on the way. JGOD has also predicted when the new map will arrive!

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