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Warzone Players Frustrated With Server Issues Making the Game Freeze

It appears Warzone players are finding it hard to win gunfights with growing server issues making the game freeze.

As Season 2 for Warzone Pacific is nearing its end, players are busy completing the Battle Pass and the Rebirth Island challenges.

That said, make sure to equip yourself with the best weapon to dominate Rebirth Island Reinforced.

However, a number of Warzone players are reporting server issues leading to desync and the game freezing ever since a recent update.

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Warzone Server Issues Making Players Lose Gunfights

Last season, multiple IP addresses of popular streamers were leaked after the servers went down. And now it looks like the game is becoming unplayable as fans are reporting major server issues.

Reddit user ‘KM107‘ took to Warzone’s subreddit to inquire about some of the issues the player was facing. The player stated that despite no packet loss or ping spikes, their game is stuttering and freezing.

Many in the community chimed in with their experiences as well. While the issue has been affecting both the PC and console players, several users pointed out that these issues started with the release of the April Fool’s update for Warzone.

“It’s been happening for a few weeks. It’s a sever issue. Not every game but frequent enough.”

Reddit user ‘joepeoplesvii’

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warzone pacific season 2 server issues lag freeze desync

Whether the server issues in Warzone are affecting every player remains to be seen. But one thing is for certain, if it becomes a widespread issue, Raven Software will add it to their public Trello board and roll out a hotfix shortly after.

In other news, Raven has addressed the Battle Pass XP progression issue in Warzone.

Also, popular streamer TimTheTatman wants Verdansk to return to Warzone. It seems they want to try out Caldera’s newest feature in Verdansk and see how it affects the battle royale’s pace.

Finally, make sure you know how to level up your weapons in Warzone quickly. With JGOD’s method, you can max out your gun’s levels in under an hour!

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