Warzone players are complaining about silent parachutes, meaning that they can’t hear enemies dropping in!

The parachute is a helpful piece of equipment in Warzone. Of course, it lets you drop into the map at the start of the game, but it also lets you reposition from high places very quickly.

However, you need to be careful when using your parachute to drop next to enemy players, as it makes a loud noise that they should be able to hear easily.

Despite this, many Warzone players are reporting silent parachutes, which are leading to many unexpected deaths.

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Warzone Players Can’t Hear Parachute Noises

Players silently parachuting seems to have become a frustrating problem in Warzone recently, as detailed in a popular post on the Warzone subreddit.

Many Warzone players claim that they cannot hear enemies parachuting, even if it is right next to them. Of course, this leads to plenty of deaths that could have been easily avoided!

The cause of silent parachutes is not known, but it has been a lot more common since the MW3 integration into Warzone in early December 2023.

Unfortunately, audio issues extend to other parts of the game, with ziplines being another major offender. Once again, this leads to enemies sneaking up on you when you should be able to easily hear them!

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Warzone Shooting on Zipline

Warzone fans are hoping that audio improvements to the game will arrive in the Season 1 Reloaded update. However, even if there are some tweaks, it may not fix the issue entirely.

Audio complaints have been common ever since Warzone launched, ranging from footsteps to ziplines. Unfortunately, no update seems to have entirely fixed the issues with in-game sounds yet.

All we can suggest is that you play with a good headset and make sure you’re using the best audio settings for Warzone. That’ll give you the best chance fo hearing your enemies coming!

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