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Warzone Players Should ‘Expect to Lose’ When Not Running The Meta, Claims JGOD

Although Warzone can be fun when running your favorite guns, players should ‘expect to lose’ when not running the meta.

Right now, Warzone is in a very frustrating place. At its core, Activision’s battle royale is one of the best experiences in gaming, but it’s also got more than its fair share of issues.

First, there’s an ongoing Warzone hacker crisis that’s causing Activision to ban nearly 500,000 players. Next, there’s the game’s extensive library of bugs and glitches.

(Source: JGOD)

And finally, Warzone’s meta weapons are incredibly overpowered at the moment. Even after a solid nerf, the AUG is still overpowered in a new Warzone loadout, after all.

And if you’re not running Warzone’s current April 2021 meta weapons, you can expect to be losing your games.

Expect to Lose When Not Running the Warzone Meta

It seems that running the Warzone meta is the only way to guarantee a chance at winning, and players can expect to lose when not using it.

This new take comes from Call of Duty pro JGOD, known for his in-depth analysis of the game’s weapons. And according to the YouTuber, players that run off-meta picks can ‘expect to lose’ their Warzone matches.

“Obviously when you use the meta, your stats are generally gonna be higher, so by using the meta you’re probably generally a better player who actually cares about your stats.”

This is mostly down to the Warzone Time to Kill halving over the last year. In fact, players hate the new TTK so much that Warzone fans want Cold War weapons removed from the game entirely.

aug Warzone
(Source: Activision)

Shortly after the Black Ops Cold War integration, players discovered a huge drop in overall TTK. And very few users are happy with the change.

“I just want to have fun and I’m gonna use whatever I want,” JGOD continues, quoting members of the community. “That’s cool too but expect to lose, having fun.”

Of course, there are some loadouts that aren’t meta but still can handle the competition. They’re not quite as powerful as Warzone Season 2’s best M16 build but a good player can make them work.

One example is Warzone’s ‘no recoil’ Kilo 141 loadout which we think is a great off-meta choice. Or you could try Warzone’s most underrated SMG class!

Just today, we’ve seen a new Warzone cinematic leak which appears to confirm a move to 1980s Verdansk! And if that’s not enough, the new Warzone map POIs are also leaking!

(Source: JGOD)

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