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Warzone Players Settle Business With Honor in Epic Fistfight

In one of Warzone’s most honorable moments, these players settle business with a fistfight.

With over 85 million players, not everyone in Warzone is out to get the victory. Some of them are just here to have a good time, and it’s these players that make the battle royale as memorable and entertaining as it is.

In a new clip, these two Warzone players face off in the ultimate gentleman’s showdown, by ditching their firearms and using only their fists.

warzone fistfight
(Source: Activision)

In a parking lot cage match setting, the two battle royale fans go head to head with only one able to come out on top.

Despite Black Ops Cold War fans getting sick of the game, it’s moments like these that bring users back to Warzone.

Warzone’s Best 1v1 Fistfight

After being downed by one of Warzone’s powerful sniper rifle shots, Reddit user fudgezilla69 thought their game was over. But the Warzone player was about to have the best fistfight 1v1 of their life.

It turns out that their Solos opponent was an honorable player, and they allowed fudgezilla69 to return to the fight. As the Warzone fan revives themselves, the enemy player throws down all their equipment onto the ground.

Warzone Melee Attack
(Source: Activision)

Backing away from the weaponry, the two players begin jabbing at their opponent, shadow-boxing in the air.

The enemy player lobs a Semtex in the air as a starting bell, and the two duked it out.

Unfortunately, despite both players landing equal blows upon the other, only one could be the winner. Getting a critical hit is entirely up to chance in Warzone.

However, the Reddit user manages to hit one for a quick elimination and a decisive victory.

Recently, Warzone players have been calling for a nerf to OP melee attacks, and it’s clear why. As seen here, the random critical chance leads to an early defeat for one of Warzone’s best 1v1 fistfights.

Apparently, whenever you see a melee attack include an elbow jab, that’s going to be dealing tremendous damage. And this appears clear, given that fudgezilla69 still has full health and even some armor remaining at the end of the brawl.

Melee can be quite powerful anyway, in the battle royale. As proof, here’s another clip where a Warzone player gets an incredible skydiving melee kill.

Recently, we finally got word that a fix is coming to Warzone’s broken weapon attachments. But this news is being quickly overshadowed by a major Warzone cheating scandal.

Even Dr Disrespect is calling out Activision and Twitch over Warzone cheating.

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