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Warzone Players Demand Huge Changes – Anti-Cheat, Gun Stats & More

Warzone players are beginning to get fed up with the game and want huge changes.

Call of Duty Warzone is one of the most popular games in the world and has a dedicated fanbase. However, it's not easy to please Warzone fans.

There are a number of issues and improvements that Warzone players are demanding that publisher Activision and developer Raven Software fixes.

Warzone Needs Huge Changes

Warzone player orderabi has posted a Reddit thread about what changes they and other Warzone players want to see. This would make the game way fairer, simpler, and just more fun to play.

Warzone Airport

Warzone Needs Improved Anti-Cheat

Number 1 on the list is of course an anti-cheat system. Cheating in Warzone is worse than ever and so this needs to be the number 1 priority for Activision.

However, many fear it's too late to input an effective anti-cheat into Warzone as the problem has gotten so bad. NICKMERCS says Warzone anti-cheat is "not even possible" at this point.

Warzone Server Changes Needed

Secondly, orderabi believes that the servers for Warzone need to have some major improvements. This is certainly the case as many players have been suffering from Dev Errors which kick them out of the game and crash Warzone.

This is also because many players are still having hit detection issues due to server lag or having wins taken away from them by black screens when the game disconnects.

Warzone Loadout Drop

Activision Community Support Needs To Improve

The third change Warzone needs is better support for the community. While Activision and Raven Software have gotten better at speaking to the community, like when they banned 60,000 hackers, it can still be massively improved.

The main gripe with the community support, however, is how they deal with players who have been wrongly shadowbanned. The poster says that there is currently no way to appeal shadow bans, which seems unfair and should be changed.

Warzone Should Have Visible Weapons Stats

The final huge complaint that Warzone players have is weapon balancing. Too many weapons are overpowered and there is no way of telling exactly what attachments do in Warzone.

Find out the most overpowered weapon in Warzone Season 2.

Black Ops Cold War features detailed weapon stats where players can see exactly what every attachment does. However, Warzone players can also see bars that measure vague statistics, which means that players have to go to other websites or YouTube channels by gun testers to find the actual stats.

There is also a point 5 on the list that features a number of smaller changes Warzone players would like to see. This includes a fix to the no scope glint exploit players are using on their snipers as well as adding an FOV slider to console versions of Warzone.

Hopefully, Activision and Raven Software will see this list of changes Warzone needs and act upon it soon. Click here to see the full Reddit post.

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