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Warzone Players Demand FOV Settings on Console

Warzone players want FOV settings to be added to console versions of Warzone.

Field-of-view, or FOV, changes how much a player can see on their screen. This is a standard for most PC games and is actually a feature for PC players playing Warzone.

However, changing Warzone’s FOV is not an option for players on PS5, Xbox Series X, or last-gen consoles either.

There is also a FOV slider in all of the versions of Black Ops Cold War. However, this doesn’t change the visibility issues that many players suffer from. Find out how to fix your visibility with these best settings for Cold War.


Console Players Want FOV Settings

A new Reddit post has raised the FOV issue yet again and players are demanding FOV settings be added on console versions of Warzone.

This is because having a larger FOV gives players an advantage. They can see more of what is going no around them and players with a higher FOV also feel faster and less sluggish.

According to the OP on Reddit, players will completely change how they play the game with different FOV. Having FOV settings for Warzone on console will also help level the already unfair playing field between PC and console players.

DomJohn7 Reddit

When Will Console get Field of View Settings?

UPDATE: A Warzone leaker has said whether a FOV slider is coming soon. Will Warzone Get FOV Slider on Console? Leaker Reveals Answer

If they do add FOV setting to console versions of Warzone it will most likely be with Season 2. This is when the rumored new map could come to Warzone.

Plus, the map will be supposedly be made up of Black Ops Fire Team maps if this leak is to be believed. This further suggests that FOV settings could be on the way to console versions of Warzone soon as Black Ops already has a FOV slider.

Meanwhile, Activision has once again promised to fix the ridiculous amount of cheaters ruining Warzone.

There are also a number of glitches that Activision needs to fix though. For instance, this exploit lets players unlock all camos, attachments, and blueprints instantly.

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