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Warzone Players Demand Fixes With FIXWZ Clan Tag Movement

Warzone players are making a stand-up plea to Raven Software to fix Warzone with the use of the FIXWZ clan tag. Sometimes, you have to take matters into your own hands, and that’s exactly what many Warzone players are trying to do with a new movement.

Recently, and for an extended period of time, Call of Duty: Warzone has been under fire from players. Sadly, the Battle Royale experience is plagued with a host of issues. For starters, there is a rampant cheating problem that is causing woes for many fans.

Warzone Season 2 FIXWZ clan tag
(Source: Activision)

Similarly, on top of this, there exists a multitude of bugs and glitches, and serious lag issues causing slow-motion lobbies. In fact, we have a comprehensive list of every problem in Warzone Season 2, including hackers, glitches, weapons, and more.

Despite this, Warzone’s Season 2 Reloaded update was supposed to fix these issues, however many believe it might actually be Warzone’s worst update yet. Now, players themselves are making a stand via a simple, but effective method, using the FIXWZ clan tag.

Warzone Players Use FIXWZ Clan Tag

Warzone players are currently using the FIXWZ clan tag in order to highlight their dissatisfaction with the game. Interestingly, now players have begun to adopt the clan tag in order to demand change.

Interestingly, the movement which begun on Reddit has already garnered a ton of attention. Many are in support of the movement and it only seems to be growing. This just goes to show how widespread the issue is for Warzone players.

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Warzone File Size Reduction
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Furthermore, players are currently discussing the movement and what it aims to achieve. However, even players that have given up on the game already are rallying to the FIXWZ clan tag movement. Here is what one Redditor had to say regarding the movement:

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I stopped playing but I will log on today and change my tag to this to support this movement. I agree we need to try something at this point because I really miss playing this game a ton. Good luck in the movement Broham!

(Source: Reddit)

The FIXWZ clan tag movement might seem like a small gesture, but it is these small gestures that can have the biggest impact. If you are interested and want to take a look at the Reddit post for yourself, we’ve got you covered down below:

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In other Warzone news, the new Ural Mountains Warzone map has leaked ahead of its official reveal. The map, which many have anticipated for a long time, looks to finally be coming soon.

Similarly, another Warzone leak has shown off Warzone Rebirth Island night images. Whether the new Rebirth Island is enough to keep players interested in the game only time can tell. However, it is obvious that Warzone does need to be properly fixed in order to ensure its survival.

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