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Warzone Players Demand Firing Range Practice Mode To Test Loadouts

Warzone players want a firing range so they can test their in-game loadouts easily.

Picking the right gun in Warzone is essential. Players obsess over what loadout is best, but they don’t have a good place to test their weapon builds.

Players have now taken to Reddit to demand Raven adds a firing range to the game.

Warzone Season 2

Best Way To Test Loadouts in Warzone

As there is no firing range in Warzone at the moment, players usually drop into a game of Plunder to test out their weapons. This is because it is a more casual game mode and there’s no real risk because you respawn.

Warzone players would definitely want to try out these two new Season 2 loadouts:

However, finding a game and loading into the game can be time-consuming. It’s also not guaranteed there will be many enemies near you to fight and it takes a while to parachute back in every time you respawn.

warzone plunder

Reddit user Lifeesstwange thinks that the best way to solve this problem would be to add a firing range to Warzone. Loads of other players agree with him too.

Using the firing range would also let players test if this overpowered gun has really got a huge nerf in Warzone.

Warzone Firing Range

The suggestion of a shooting range in Warzone would make it way more convenient to test loadouts in Warzone. This is because players could just hop into the firing range to try out their weapon builds instead of having to join a game of Plunder, which can take quite a while.

Lifeesstwange says the ideal Warzone Firing Range would be one that players could jump into straight from the loadout screen. He even says it could just be as simple as a few targets on the wall.

Hopefully, players will be able to test these hidden Warzone guns – the CX-9, RAAL MG and Sykov – in the firing range soon too.

Liifeeststwange Reddit

Meanwhile, popular streamer Dr Disrespect has been banned from a $100,000 Warzone tournament.

Also, a leaker has revealed whether Warzone on console will finally get a FOV slider. Along with the firing range, this is one of the most requested features that should be added to Warzone.

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