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Warzone Players Demand FFAR Nerf – Most Overpowered Gun

The FFAR is the most overpowered gun in Warzone at the moment and players are demanding that Raven nerf it.

The FFAR has quickly become one of the most powerful guns in Warzone. It is also one of the most popular too, with plenty of players having the gun as part of their Season 2 loadout.

However, many players want to see Raven nerf the FFAR in a future Warzone update.

Is the FFAR Overpowered?

The FFAR has the second-fastest time to kill of any close-range weapon in Warzone. It even kills players quicker up close than the MAC-10.

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However, the FFAR also has the range of an assault rifle. This means it is also way more effective than an SMG at mid-range too.

A secret Agency Suppressor buff in Warzone has also increased the FFAR’s range recently.

This makes the FFAR the undisputed champion of Warzone for short to medium range firefights and there is no other gun that can compare. Therefore, players want Warzone developer Raven to nerf the FFAR in the future.

The only other gun that can kill quicker than the FFAR is the AS-VAL, but it does come with a downside. Check out what NICKMERCS thinks about the AS-VAL, along with his best loadout.

FFAR Cold War Warzone

FFAR Nerf Coming in Future Update?

Warzone player ‘coumaric’ posted a poll on Reddit about whether the FFAR should get a nerf in Warzone. Players were given one of three choices to respond with, and the results show conclusively that players think the FFAR is overpowered.

Players have even started using NICKMERCS’ updated FFAR loadout which is even better than before.

Out of the over 1200 players surveyed so far, less than 1/4 of them responded saying that the FFAR doesn’t need a nerf.

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Warzone FFAR

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However, around 1/2 of all the players surveyed think that the FFAR needs a slight nerf in Warzone. This would only affect one or two stats though.

And on the other end of the spectrum, the remaining quarter of players think that the FFAR needs a significant nerf in several major categories.

This shows that over 3/4 of players think that the FFAR should be nerfed in some capacity. Hopefully, Raven will listen to the players and nerf the FFAR in Warzone soon.

There is also another overpowered gun ruining Warzone at the moment. Find out why Warzone players hate the AUG so much.

Meanwhile, many Warzone players are suffering from the game-breaking Dev Error 6634 which crashes the game. This is one of over 100 glitches in Warzone at the moment.

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