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Warzone Pro-Players Confirm the DMR 14 Nerf is Big

After the latest Warzone patch aims to fix one of the game’s biggest issues, pro-players confirm that the DMR 14 nerf fixes the weapon.

The DMR 14 has been dominant in Warzone ever since its introduction. We first reported that the DMR was overpowered in Warzone before Christmas, and it’s been over 3 weeks of hell since then.

According to fans, the DMR 14 was ruining Warzone completely, which led to a cause for celebration when Raven Software finally nerfed it. Unfortunately, players quickly worked out that the gun was still incredibly powerful post-nerf, and “DMRzone” continued to put players off the game.

DMR 14 Nerf Warzone
(Source: Activision)

Now, it turns out that NICKMERCS was right and the DMR 14 did get a second nerf. But is Warzone’s second DMR 14 nerf big enough?

This what content creators are saying:

Is the DMR 14 Dead After the New Warzone Nerf?

Right off the bat, the DMR 14’s nerf isn’t enough to completely put the weapon dead in the ground. However, it is severe enough that many users will be dropping the gun before long.

Some major content creators and Warzone pro-players have already taken the time to share their findings.

JackFrags on the DMR Nerf

According to JackFrags, the DMR 14 is still viable in Warzone, but it’s a lot more situational than it was initially. Now, sniper rifles can take their rightful place in the meta once again.

“While it’s still a good gun – at long range, after the recent patch, you will definitely notice that horizontal recoil… and you’ll notice that damage drop-off.”

TheXclusiveAce’s Opinion on Warzone’s DMR 14

In a new video discussing the potential end of DMRzone, TheXclusiveAce shows off some major DMR 14 nerfs.

“I believe this is going to be changing up the meta this time around, especially with those range drop-offs for the DMR and the Type 63. And it looks like finally, DMRzone should be over at this point.”

It looks as though the DMR 14 is well and truly fixed in Warzone, after its nerf. However, the weapon does appear to still be viable, to the surprise of many.

After such a dominant period in-game, fans thought for sure that the weapon would be dead in the ground by now. We’re sure that with more time, content creators will determine whether the DMR 14 is truly gone from the Warzone meta or not.

Although the recent patch fixed Warzone’s notorious infinite Stim glitch yet again, a new issue is already arising. It seems that a new Warzone glitch allows downed players to continue to shoot.

What’s more, players are now moving Warzone loadout drops using another odd exploit. But at least Warzone is no longer Pay to Win.

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