A new win condition in Warzone Season 1 Reloaded means players can now gain victory by calling in an exfil helicopter.

Throughout Warzone’s history, there has only ever been one way to win – be the last player or squad standing. However, now, you can literally pay to win, although it won’t count as a traditional one.

This new method of victory will be particularly helpful for other upcoming Season 1 Reloaded content.

You Can Now Exfil to Win Warzone Matches

Warzone players will be able to purchase a “Covert Exfil” from the Buy Stations on Urzikistan when Season 1 Reloaded launches. Calling one in will safely fly you out of the match.

At the moment, the exact cost of buying this new shop item is unknown. However, on the Call of Duty blog, it states it will be “a high price.”

Call of Duty have also confirmed it will not count as a traditional win, but instead a seperate stat with it’s own leaderboard.

Warzone Weapon Case can be secured through traditional or exfil win

This new Weapon Case will spawn in a small area at the beginning of each match. Whenever it is found, the player who has it will be marked on the map for everyone.

To avoid losing it, the best way to ensure you end the match with the Weapon Case is by buying the Covert Exfil. Although, you can risk it and attempt to win the game by being the last squad standing.

Furthermore, even if just one member of the squad ends the game with the case, all teammates will earn the reward. So make sure to work as a team to obtain this exclusive weapon blueprint.

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