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Warzone Players Are Calling For Christmas Snow Map

Warzone players across social media are calling for a Christmas version of Verdansk or Rebirth Island to celebrate the holidays.

This event has been common with online games over the last few years. Maps are converted for the holidays to include Christmas decorations, presents and snow.

Previous Call of Duty Christmas Maps

Winter Crash – Since 2016

Winter Crash was introduced in 2016 with a complete transformation of the map.

Winter Crash - Crash Site
Winter Crash – Crash Site
Presents in Winter Crash
Presents in Winter Crash

Christmas Nuketown ’84 – Cold War

Christmas Nuketown was added in December 16th, 2020. It includes plenty of Christmas decorations and lights, but a distinct lack of snow.

Nuketown '84 Christmas Main Sign
Nuketown ’84 Christmas Main Sign
Various Christmas Decorations Nuketown '84
Various Christmas Decorations Nuketown ’84

The new Christmas decorations in Nuketown ’84 make for a hilarious game in Prop Hunt. You should see the best hiding places for Prop Hunt in Nuketown ’84 (Holiday Edition), some are unbelievable.

Warzone Christmas Verdansk & Rebirth Island

With just 1 day until Christmas, fans are still hoping to see a Verdansk or Rebirth Island map transformation with them covered in snow and decorations.

Interestingly, despite the lack of snow currently in Warzone there are some festive changes in the lobby before the game.

When loading up into Warzone the prison in Rebirth Island is covered with piles of snow, decorations and presents.

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Warzone Snow in Lobby
Warzone Snow

It’s completely understandable that Battle Royale maps such as Verdansk and Rebirth Island are much larger.

However, this has been introduced in much larger games before such as GTA V Online in Los Santos and part of the Fortnite map being covered in snow this year.

In the meantime, we strongly recommend finding out the best guns for Warzone Rebirth Island or Cold War Online Multiplayer.

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We’ll keep you updated incase we spot any snow falling in Verdansk or Rebirth Island.

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