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Warzone Players Call the Game ‘Unplayable’ in Season 2

Warzone Season 2 is making a lot of users unhappy, and these fans claim that it’s now unplayable in its current state.

It’s no surprise that Warzone & Black Ops Cold War is an unpopular one. After all, fans were hoping for a full-scale zombie invasion and we’re currently seeing a disappointing undead mess in Warzone.

But as much as Warzone players hate the map’s zombie outbreak, there are some factors that are infinitely more disappointing. It’s easy to see why these same users are calling Warzone unplayable in Season 2.

Warzone Season 2
(Source: Activision)

Not only is the state of the game pretty stale, but Warzone cheaters are currently more active than ever. And this comes after Activision claims to have been banning thousands of Warzone users.

But despite Warzone’s highest earner pretending to be banned for YouTube views, it seems that cheaters are still very much present.

Is Warzone Unplayable in Season 2?

In a new discussion thread on the Warzone subreddit, user Hedgey vents their frustration with the ‘unplayable’ Season 2 update. But it’s not just the cheaters that have the fan feeling this way.

The Reddit user takes issue with Warzone for a number of reasons, not least the ever-shortening Time to Kill. Ever since the Black Ops Cold War integration, Warzone’s TTK has been on the decline.

“I’ve been playing since the game came online last year. People complained about the Grau and other weapons pre-cold war integration, but at least we had actual gunfights. Now if you get spotted first, even just a few meters away from someone, you have no chance.”

warzone season 2 cutscene
(Source: Activision)

It’s true that if you look at the Warzone Year 1 most popular metas, the recent weapons are a little more OP than the rest. Even after the DMR nerf, Warzone Season 2’s most overpowered weapons can still destroy players in no time at all.

In particular, Warzone players hate the new AUG meta which is ruining the battle royale.

But more than that, players are complaining about the majority of the game’s lobby using Warzone’s invisible pay-to-win skin to boost their chances at victory. What’s more, Activision releasing new Blueprints for its most overpowered weapons isn’t proving popular with fans.

We don’t have long until the release of the new Warzone map, according to leaks. With that in mind, there’s only a limited amount of time for Raven Software to get these issues under control.

And with Warzone and Black Ops Cold War Season 2 Reloaded dropping in a few days time, we can only hope that big changes are on the way. After all, since a new Warzone Easter egg suggests that Verdansk will be destroyed soon, the developers need to keep their players happy.

Otherwise, we’re heading to the new Warzone map with a very annoyed fan base. And reports suggest Verdansk will be gone for good.

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