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Warzone Players Call for Return To Armored Royale

After two weeks of epic, truck-based combat, Warzone players are calling for a return to the Armored Royale Limited Time Mode.

In preparation for the Haunting of Verdansk Halloween mode, Infinity Ward has seen fit to remove Armored Royale from Warzone. Now, it seems fans are already missing the Limited Time Mode.

Armored Royale was a new way to play Call of Duty: Warzone. In this mode, squads took place in vehicle-based combat, with large, armored trucks.

Armored Royale
(Source: Activision)

Each team is given a Cargo Truck at the beginning of the battle royale, and they can respawn to it for no cost, should they die. These trucks can be upgraded freely, with additional armor, weapons, and more.

Armored Royale was a breath of fresh air for Warzone players. Now that the Limited Time Mode is gone, fans already want to see it coming back.

Warzone Players Want Armored Royale to Return

Posting to Reddit, Warzone players call for Armored Royale to make a comeback. Despite having only just left, user boogiepool wants to see Armored Royale return already.

Their sentiments were echoed by a range of commenters who also enjoyed the Limited Time Mode. The feeling appears to be relatively unanimous as Warzone’s removal of the game mode doesn’t appear to have ushered in another mode of its quality.

Armored Royale Gameplay
(Source: Activision)

One commenter even references the Warzone menu looking very plain without Armored Royale’s presence.

“I know next week is the Halloween event and I’m low key excited for the night mode, but after that I hope this isn’t the last I see of Trucks n’ Guns,” the poster writes.

It’s true that a new mode is just around the corner, for Halloween. Given that it’s also set to be for a limited time only, perhaps Armored Royale could make a return.

So far, we know that Jigsaw and Leatherface are coming to Warzone as operator skins this Halloween. Besides that, not much has been revealed about the Haunting of Verdansk.

It would be the perfect time to drop the leaked Zombie Royale mode for Warzone, however. It’s been over two weeks since that leak came to light, and perhaps the addition of the undead will help us forget our favorite truck battle royale.