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Warzone Players Call for Return of Bounty Contracts

After an issue with Call of Duty: Warzone led to Bounty contracts crashing games, Infinity Ward is still yet to deliver a fix.

It’s been several days since Warzone Bounty contracts were removed from the game, and players are getting restless. These contracts, which give players an objective of seeking and eliminating another player, bring a lot more aggressive play to Warzone.

(Source: Activision)

Activating a Bounty contract gives you a reason to stay on the move. They also provide a sneak preview of another player’s location.

Should they complete these contracts, players get rewards of XP and cash. What’s more, finishing a Bounty means that you’ve successfully eliminated an enemy squad.

The contracts are an excellent incentive to seek out other players, and their removal is already causing issues. That said, given that Warzone Bounties were crashing entire servers, it’s probably best to keep them out until a fix is found.

Warzone Players Want Bounty Contracts to Return

In a Reddit discussion thread on the Warzone subreddit, users express their boredom with the game’s lack of Bounties. Players are hungry for any word on when the contracts will be returning to the game.

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(Source: Activision)

Several commenters indicate that the lack of Bounties gives them “nothing to do” and makes Warzone “boring”. With many players’ playstyles revolving around accruing money via Bounty contracts, it’s clear that their removal is a problem.

As a possible solution, user KafkaT suggests that UAVs should become cheaper. Seeing as a Bounty shows off the location of its target player anyway, the powerful killstreak would go a long way to replacing the need for the contract.

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However, this would likely result in more Warzone users running the Ghost perk in their loadouts. Hopefully, Infinity Ward is simply able to get Bounty contracts fixed before players begin to drop off the popular battle royale.

Already, Warzone Season 6 is becoming something of a disaster. A recent Warzone infinite stim exploit finally got a fix after thousands of ruined lobbies.

But besides actual bugs, Warzone players are complaining about terrible PC performance in Season 6. Since Black Ops Cold War is just around the corner, Infinity Ward will have to make some moves to ensure players don’t simply make the switch to the newer game.

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