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Warzone Players Call for Juggernauts to be Removed

In a new poll, Warzone players overwhelmingly vote to remove Juggernauts from the popular battle royale.

Although new content always helps a game feel fresh, Warzone players believe Infinity Ward might have missed the mark lately. With the addition of Juggernauts to the popular battle royale title, players can become a near-unstoppable force.

According to a new post on the Warzone subreddit, players are almost unanimously in favor of removing Juggernauts. If this isn’t acceptable to Infinity Ward, then fans believe that the upgrade should at least get a nerf.

When equipped with a Juggernaut upgrade, players become heavily-resistant to incoming fire. They also get access to a minigun, capable of shredding enemies and vehicles alike.

Warzone Players Want Juggernauts Removed

In a poll of the subreddit’s player base, only a little over 700 players voted for the Juggernauts to remain in the game as is. 850 people suggest that the equipment should remain, but with a nerf.

Finally, an overwhelming 5800 players want Juggernauts to be removed from Warzone entirely.

Warzone Juggernaut Poll
Warzone Juggernaut Poll

According to the poll-creator, oi_u_im_danny_b, the user is seeing Juggernauts at an increasing rate. Allegedly, the player comes across the powerful enemies in every 3 or 4 games.

Finding an enemy Juggernaut is bad at the best of times, but especially in close-quarters situations. The fact that some players use their Juggernaut kits in the final few rings of the game means that there’s just no avoiding the incoming firepower.

How to Nerf Juggernauts

If Juggernauts are here to stay, they’re going to need some serious adjusting to keep things fair. We’re not suggesting decreasing their damage, or even their survivability, however.

To make the power-up weaker would be defeating the point of the Juggernaut entirely. Instead, one of two major nerfs needs to happen.

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Probably the most likely nerf to come to Juggernauts would be a decrease in mobility. Decreasing the agility of the Juggernaut would make it much easier to counter.

(Source: Infinity Ward)

Currently, Juggernauts can leap over walls and climb at much the same rate as other operators. They are also able to drive vehicles, which eliminates any disadvantages that the power-up might already have.

As a second nerf, the equipment could be a timed use, that expires after a few minutes. Since most players probably find the Juggernaut early on in the game but hold onto it until the final circles, it becomes too powerful.

When picking up the Juggernaut equipment, it should begin a countdown timer of around 10 minutes. In this way, Infinity Ward can keep the feature in the game, but the final circles won’t keep being a Juggernaut-fest.

There’s no denying that the ability leads to some cool fights, though. In one of Warzone’s epic showdowns, a Juggernaut vs. a Riot Shield, players pulled out all the stops.

But when it comes to fighting against one for yourself, even Warzone’s overpowered C4 isn’t enough to help you.

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