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Warzone Players Call for Change to Gas Masks

Call of Duty: Warzone has a gas mask problem, and more than a few players are angry about the protective equipment.

As a piece of equipment, Warzone’s gas masks can be useful. Simply picking up the mask will allow your soldier to wear it and survive in the presence of gas.

This will keep you from breathing in the toxic air, and allows for a brief period of time where the player can stay alive. Gas masks break after spending some time equipped, and will be automatically put on and removed when entering or exiting the gas.

But in some ways, the useful masks are actually a detriment to Call of Duty fans. In a few recent posts to the Warzone subreddit, users have expressed their anger at the tactical equipment and are calling for change.

Why Do Warzone Gas Masks Need a Change?

Warzone Gas
(Source: Activision)

There appear to be two main issues with Warzone gas masks that has players complaining:

Automatic Equipping/Removing

Firstly, the automatic gas mask equipping can result in a distraction at the worst possible moment.

In this clip from Reddit user nydiacosmic, the gamer claims that his friend will never buy a gas mask again. As the user is about to down an enemy, the gas ring moves in on him and causes the player to automatically don his mask.

This is an issue as it occurs just at the wrong moment, and leads to the user no longer being able to shoot. As they then re-enter the ring, the action pauses once again to remove the mask.

All the while, the enemy player gets an opportunity to return fire. Ultimately, this costs the soldier the fight.

A possible solution to this issue would be making the gas masks equip manually, rather than automatically. Players could choose the right time to put on the masks, and it wouldn’t get in the way of gunplay.

Animation Priority

The second main issue with gas masks in Warzone is that the equip animation takes priority over everything. And we mean everything.

In this clip by Reddit user Kidconundrum, the user downs an enemy at the end of the game. They’re one of the final four players remaining and well on track to a Warzone Victory.

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Unfortunately, as the user jumps off the building, the gas passes them. Then, as the gas mask gets automatically equipped, the user is left helpless.

Unable to pull their parachute, their game ends with a rage-inducing fall to their death. It makes sense that a soldier can’t shoot while donning their mask, but not being able to pull their parachute is a step too far.

To solve this problem, Infinity Ward needs to have gas mask equipping move down the priority list, or have the action canceled by chute-pulls. Honestly, the option to have the gas mask equipped manually would also help solve this problem.

Considering that these clips were posted only hours apart, it’s clear that Warzone gas masks are a real issue. As we arrive at the start time for Warzone Season 6, it’s time for Infinity Ward to make some much-needed changes.

That’s if they’re not too busy fixing the new Warzone C4 trick that can eliminate a squad in seconds.

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