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Warzone Players Blame Fortnite No Build Mode for Harder Rebirth & Caldera Lobbies

With Warzone players queuing into sweatier lobbies than ever, it seems Fortnite’s No Build is the reason behind this occurrence.

Season 3 of Warzone Pacific is just around the corner, much to the excitement of the Call of Duty community.

On top of this, all the guns potentially coming in Season 3 of Warzone and Vanguard have been leaked.

While most players are busy grinding the Rebirth Island modes in the current playlist, many believe that the games have become a lot harder.

That said, the question remains — is the No Build in Fortnite behind Warzone’s harder lobbies?

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warzone pacific season 3 caldera rebirth fortnite

Warzone Casual Players Leaving for Fortnite, Making Rebirth and Caldera Lobbies Harder

While Warzone doesn’t have a ranked mode, a great number of players think that the SBMM is giving them harder lobbies. But according to one fan, Fortnite might be the reason for your tough lobbies.

Reddit user ‘Jbro2468‘ took to Warzone’s subreddit to express their concerns. Like many during the release of Rebirth Reinforced, the player stated that matches are getting harder lately.

Of course, many in the community are attributing this to the way Rebirth’s pacing, providing quick and more gunfights.

However, some fans believe that a good portion of the casual player base has migrated over to Fortnite from Warzone. With the low K/D players out of the way, it has only left long-time players and tryhards filling up the lobbies.

“The game has deteriorated so much (bugs and broken weapons) that the majority of casuals have migrated to Apex and Fortnite.”

Reddit user ‘Ciccio178’

Maybe Verdansk’s return to Warzone in 2023 can help bring back these players.

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warzone pacific rebirth caldera fortnite hard battle royale matches

We doubt that the sweatier lobbies have anything to do with the players rocking the TTV, TkTok, or FB.GG clan tags. But, several players think the cheaters are on the rise and hiding it well.

And what can you do against regular players, let alone a cheater, if your Warzone server is ruining your matches with desync issues.

Although, few players believe you don’t even need the best meta guns to win regularly in Warzone. Then why is every player chasing the best loadouts each season?

Finally, make sure to check out Call of Duty’s official Godzilla crossover tease for Warzone and Vanguard Season 3.

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Monday 25th of April 2022

Maybe if they stop nerfing everything like ghost and give the casual players a chance instead of catering to only the sweats you wouldn't have to deal with harder lobbies and losing players to something they still have a chance to win a game once in awhile.