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Warzone Players Aren’t Getting Their Haunting of Verdansk Legendary Weapon Blueprint

After undergoing dozens of Warzone’s new jumpscares, some players still aren’t getting their Legendary weapon blueprint reward.

Call of Duty: Warzone currently has players searching for new Trick or Treat chests all around the map. Inside these containers, players can find new weapon blueprints, calling cards, and more.

And when all 16 treats have been collected, players are granted the ultimate Halloween unlock. The Haunting of Verdansk Legendary weapon blueprint: Pumpkin Punisher.

pumpkin punisher warzone(4)
(Source: Activision)

Now, it appears that many players aren’t actually in possession of the assault rifle blueprint, even after completing their tasks. This is particularly frustrating, given that completing the Trick or Treat event means getting jump-scared an awful lot.

The Legendary Pumpkin Punisher Blueprint Is Missing

In what appears to be a strange new bug, several players report that they can’t unlock the Pumpkin Punisher. Even after getting their hands on all 16 new Halloween drops, the Legendary blueprint seems strangely elusive.

Reddit user Fitfora_king shares their issue on the Warzone subreddit. In the image, we can see that the user has indeed completed all requisite challenges.

However, the Pumpkin Punisher remains locked, and there appears to be no way around this bug. Other commenters share similar experiences, leading us to believe that this isn’t an isolated issue.

(Source: Reddit)

In fact, some users report that the Legendary blueprint isn’t the only one getting stuck. Hopefully, Infinity Ward will be working on fixing this issue as soon as they spot it.

Right now, it appears the developer is yet to comment on the bugged reward.

Besides this unfortunate bug, players have been enjoying the changes to the battle royale game. In fact, Warzone players want Zombie Royale to be a permanent addition to the game.

If you’re yet to complete your Halloween hunting, be sure to check out our guide on where to find all Warzone’s Trick or Treat locations. By the time you grab all the new rewards, perhaps Infinity Ward will fix this latest bug.

And if you’re more of a Modern Warfare player, you’re not safe in the game’s multiplayer either. Fans of the popular shooter are reporting that Modern Warfare’s scarecrows want revenge on those that harm them.