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Warzone Players Are Still Getting Stuck on Freezing Loadouts Despite Patch

Raven Software announced that as part of the weekend patch, the infamous loadout freezing glitch in Warzone would be fixed – but it’s still happening.

The glitch has been around for months and even happens in the new Rebirth Island mode. Many players were extremely happy that it had been fixed. Or so they thought.

Many players are still getting stuck on freezing loadouts, which ruins games of Warzone, despite a potential fix being mentioned in the patch notes.

What Is the Freezing Loadout Glitch?

There are actually two ways that loadout freezing glitches can disrupt your game.

The first makes game freeze for around five seconds when you’re selecting a class. Not game-breaking, but more than enough to get you killed if an enemy squad sees you.

The second causes all of your inputs to stop working when you grab your loadout. Players are unable to move or look around.

This is a huge problem and completely ruins games of Warzone as there isn’t an easy fix.

How To Fix the Freezing Loadout Glitch

If you get the less severe loadout-grabbing freeze, then you should be all good to go after a few seconds being stuck. If you get the second variety, there isn’t any good news.

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The only way of fixing this glitch is to restart the game entirely. This video from Reddit shows that even getting a team mate to hit the stuck player with the car doesn’t fix it.

The stuck player then gets bumped by the car into the loadout drop, which creates even more problems. He becomes invincible to enemies until they hit the loadout drop with a car.

Will Raven Software Fix the Glitch?

Raven listed a potential fix to the glitch in their recent patch notes, so they definitely know about it. They will certainly try to fix it in future patches but a complete resolution can’t be guaranteed.

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The loadout freezing glitch isn’t your only loadout-related worry either. Raven has also nerfed two of the most powerful guns in Warzone.

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