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Warzone Players Are Quitting Because of Glitches & Issues in Caldera

Many Warzone players are quitting the game entirely thanks to a load of glitches and issues with the new Pacific map, Caldera.

The arrival of the new Warzone map, Caldera, was eagerly awaited by fans for months. However, a few weeks since it launched, it is still proving to be very divisive.

While some players absolutely love the tropical setting, others are so disappointed with it that they want Raven to step down as Warzone developer.

This might sound extreme but many players really aren’t happy with the number of issues and glitches in Caldera. It’s forcing many players to put down the game for good!

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The Biggest Problems & Glitches in Warzone’s Caldera Map

Despite developer Raven Software completely removing weapon bloom from Warzone, players are still very unhappy with the state of the game right now.

A new post on the Warzone subreddit by u/FrozeN-_ states that now is “the worst state Warzone has been in” and plenty of other Warzone fans agree. This is causing many players to put down the game entirely.

First, one of the main factors behind this is the lack of next-gen features in Caldera. Not only has the long-awaited Warzone next-gen update still not arrived yet, but there is still no FOV slider after the Warzone Pacific update.

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This is a major problem as players have been waiting for over a year now and are fed up. However, this isn’t the only issue causing Warzone players to quit.

Warzone Pacific Caldera Airport Terminal

Additionally, the sheer number of frustrating glitches are also driving players away from Warzone.

The most recent glitch players have is that Warzone is crashing when players use Buy Stations. However, the post mentions a number of issues.

This includes the infamous invisible operators glitch in Warzone Pacific and all of the problems caused by the major graphics and texture glitches in Caldera. Although, it really only scratches the surface of Warzone’s problems.

Recently, players have also complained about it being “almost impossible” to keep up with the Warzone meta, showing that design choices are also not proving popular with the Warzone fan base either.

Let’s hope that developer Raven Software fixes the glitches and issues with Warzone’s Caldera map soon. Otherwise even more players could put down the game for good.

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Meanwhile, make sure you’re the best equipped you can be for Caldera:

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