Warzone Season 1 Reloaded was released with tons of issues, and most of the expected content has been delayed; however, the Night Vision Gulag has still come out, but players aren’t happy.

The Night Vision Gulag is a new public event that sees the 1v1 redemption showdown go lights out. Each competitor is equipped with night vision goggles as they try to come out as the victor.

Unfortunately, this new twist has not gone down well with fans, and players are already complaining about it.

Warzone Players Hate the Night Vision Gulag

Players in the Warzone community are not fans of the new Night Vision Gulag (NVG). This was a new addition in the recent Season 1 Reloaded update.

The NVG features a darker, much less visible area, and players are equipped with night vision goggles and a flashlight on their guns.

Unlike the regular 1v1, the sides of your screen will remain dark. It creates a slower-paced fight, but it has not been received well.

However, one of the most significant issues is when you are fighting; the smoke from your gun can sometimes block your view of the player you are shooting at. This, of course, is a big problem

This is visible in this clip from Warzone content creator Symfuhny:

These visibility issues are also affecting tons of gamers.

At least for players who are not fans, they will have some happiness in the fact it is a random Public Event, and each trip to the Gulag will not bring this new twist. Nonetheless, many believe it was a pointless addition to the battle royale.

Meanwhile, this X/Twitter user says that if they are unlucky enough to get the Night Vision Gulag, they will throw their controller.

Overall, it appears it has not been the most successful update for Call of Duty. Tons of content has been delayed, the game had lots of bugs, and now it seems the new Gulag event has not gone down well.

Hopefully, the developers can take this feedback on board. If they want to keep the NVG, they could make it a much rarer chance. For now, you will have to pray and hope you do not get it.

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