Warzone fans are upset after discovering that the game has one of the most overpowered rotational aim assist mechanics when compared to other FPS titles.

Since the game’s launch, the Call of Duty fanbase has discussed at length the nature of its aggressive controller aim assist.

It has now come to the attention of some astute players that MW3’s rotational aim assist system is one of the most prominent out there. Fans aren’t happy about it.

Rotational Aim Assist is Overpowered

COD fans are angry at the rotational aim assist magnetism being far too strong in MW3 and Warzone.

It bottlenecks the player base into taking advantage of this overpowered system that negates the need to rely on player skill to win fights. For a competitive multiplayer FPS, this has left many feeling more than a little upset.

Willing_Ingenuity330 posted on Reddit their disdain towards MW3 and Warzone’s rotational aim assist when compared with The Finals:

The Finals is another game that FPS fans were quick to criticize regarding its aggressive rotational aim assist.

However, after receiving a healthy dose of backlash from the community, The Finals developers quickly took note. Embark Studios responded by reducing the game’s rotational aim assist magnetism from 50% to just 35%.

The rotational magnetism in MW3 and Warzone is currently sitting at a hefty 60%. That’s quite a big difference.

MW3 Operators aiming their weapons in multiplayer

Apex Legends is another mainstream title with a large amount of rotational aim assist. It also has a rotational magnetism of 60% for console and 40% for PC. This has led many PC players us a controller to gain an advantage in multiplayer.

Regarding MW3 and Warzone, Willing_Ingenuity330 states that the game’s aggressive rotational aim assist is the main reason why the multiplayer experience isn’t up to scratch:

“People constantly complain about the TTK and the feeling that they are getting evaporated in close range fights. It isn’t the swarm. It isn’t the HP/plates… The real problem is nobody is missing shots. 60% magnetism does not leave enough room for error. Magnetism with instant changes of direction.”

They go on to lambast how the game eliminates most of the player’s input, as a way to “homogenize and smooth over their real skill”.

Player hiding behind cover and aiming at three enemies on Terminal in MW3

These Reddit users agree that Sledgehammer Games should “turn down” aim assist to make the game feel more competitive:

byu/Willing_Ingenuity330 from discussion

However, some feel as though Sledgehammer Games won’t change a thing and are treating this topic “with the same kiddie gloves and taboo like they do with SBMM.”

What is Rotational Aim Assist?

Rotational aim assist is where your crosshair is pulled in the direction of your target’s movement in MW3 and other popular FPS games.

Rotational magnetism is the strength of the ‘pull’ and the degree to which your crosshair moves towards your target.

Check out this brilliant breakdown for more detail on how rotational aim assist works in COD:

Despite showcasing rotational aim assist from 2022’s MW2, you can still apply the same principles to MW3 and Warzone.

Essentially, there is an invisible zone or “bubble” around the crosshair in MW3. Your target will “pull” your crosshair as they move inside it in the direction they are moving:

Rotational aim assist demonstration and explainer video in Call of Duty MW2
Credit: Reddit

Depending on the magnetism strength, this “pull” can be quite aggressive. As things currently stand in MW3 and Warzone, many feel as though its rotational aim assist is too strong.

Here’s hoping Sledgehammer Games can take a leaf out of Embark Studios’ book and reduce it a bit to appease the player base at large!

For more on aim assist, check out how some players are using a cheating method to get aim assist and no recoil on PC.

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