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Warzone Player With Zero Kills Uses a Juggernaut to Win With Ease

Proving once and for all that a Juggernaut has no place in the battle royale, one player goes from zero kills to an easy Warzone Victory.

The Juggernaut is one of Warzone’s most controversial features. Allowing players to call in a kill streak, which turns them into a minigun-wielding supersoldier, creates a lot of imbalance in-game.

This is perfectly demonstrated by a new clip of a player going from zero kills in the final ring to getting a win with ease. Now, more players than ever are demanding that the Juggernaut be removed from the game.

Juggernaut Warzone Easy Win

After making it to the very last ring of the game, there were still 8 players left in the match. Reddit user riotshieldz had no teammates remaining, but they did have a Juggernaut to hand.

Backed into a rooftop corner, the player uses their Hail Mary play and calls in their killstreak.

Using a Warzone Juggernaut to Win From Zero Kills

Using their Riot Shield to protect themselves, the Warzone player grabs their Juggernaut as it lands. The enemy player on the roof with them likely wishes they’d been a bit faster to push their foe.

Now, they’re brought down will a hail of minigun bullets as they become the Reddit poster’s first kill. The player leaps off the roof, shredding health from enemies left and right.

Most players are smart enough to target the Juggernaut from a distance, though it’s to no avail. The player who does the most damage is one who tries to take down riotshieldz from up close.

(Source: Activision)

Unfortunately, that makes them easy pickings for the high health pool Juggernaut. One-by-one, enemies go down to the powerful killstreak without coming close to defeating their foe.

Eventually, just a single enemy player remains. Try as they might to run around the outskirts of the ring and better position themselves, it’s no use.

The Juggernaut takes them down like all the other Warzone players and easily takes the win.

Juggernauts – A Broken Mechanic?

The Reddit user’s clip is the cause of much debate on the game’s official subreddit. Usually, players hate the mechanic for creating an impossible enemy, particularly in Solo playlists.

“Juggernauts are really ruining the game atm. Can’t blame you for using it though nice plays,” one user comments.

Some other users are begrudgingly accepting of the user’s footage, but others aren’t so keen.

“You would have lost without it, easily,” a second commenter complains. “Probably would have died 15 minutes earlier without your riot shield.”

As the Reddit user is both a Riot Shield and Juggernaut fan, we’re surprised that they didn’t catch more flak from the Warzone community. After all, Warzone fans like to poke fun at Riot Shield players in general.

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