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Call of Duty Warzone Player Wins Without Even Landing

This lucky Warzone squad managed to win a game without even touching the ground.

Battle royale games, like Warzone, are all about being the last team standing. No matter how many players you kill, nothing beats the rush you get as you win.

However, this lucky squad was gifted a win in Warzone before they even had a chance to touch the ground. I guess they all count, right?

Warzone Plane

Fastest Warzone Win in History?

In what could be a contender for the fastest Warzone victory of all time, one squad was awarded the win while they were still dropping into Verdansk.

Luckily they didn’t encounter this hilarious parachute glitch that makes players shuffle sideways while skydiving.

A new clip shared to Reddit shows this unbelievable Warzone victory.

It starts off with a full lobby in the plane, like any normal game. The player then jumps out but something very strange happens next which leads to the quickest Warzone win ever.

This isn’t the only strange Warzone victory recently. This toxic player lost a Warzone game while crouch spamming a downed opponent.

warzone skydive

As the player pulls the parachute, the win screen comes up. There’s no sequence of the winning squad getting into the helicopter or anything either – just the 1st place icon and then the XP adding up.

There seems to be no reason why this would happen at all. It was a totally normal game that ended very suddenly.

This is also the only instance of this strange glitch. Unless it happens again, this may stay as the quickest Warzone win of all time.

gencaykurtt Reddit

Meanwhile, Raven may have finally removed the infinite stim glitch with the latest Warzone patch. However, this has just introduced an even more frustrating glitch that will stop players from getting Warzone wins. The new update has totally broken Warzone’s hit detection.

Luckily for Warzone players, Activision is making Warzone its top priority “for a long time”. This means that players can look forward to more Warzone content in the future along with even more hackers being banned thanks to the new anti-cheat plan.

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