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Warzone Player Discovers Way to Teleport Across the Map

Looking to travel around Verdansk in style? One Warzone player discovers a way to teleport across the battle royale’s map, eliminating the need for transport.

There are many ways to speed up your movement across Verdansk. Players can make use of vehicles, hop into Warzone’s new subway system, or simply teleport across the map.

However, that last option wasn’t always available, as far as we know. One Warzone player recently discovered the ability to teleport, but we don’t imagine this is a Perk you can simply pick up.

Warzone Teleport Glitch
(Source: Activision)

We know that Warzone recently added invisible players to the game, but now the superpower roster is getting ridiculous…

New Warzone Teleport Glitch

Sadly this new Warzone teleport is a strange glitch rather than a feature. After heading through a nearby window, one player finds themselves somewhere new entirely.

Discovering Verdansk’s fastest transportation system, the user attempts to hop through the gas station window near Superstore. However, they soon find themselves transported, Platform 9 3/4 style, a significant distance.

(Source: Activision)

Popping out at Verdansk International Airport, the player is now much closer to their Bounty. However, this handy feature appears to give the user quite the shock.

We can’t blame them though, as the Warzone teleport glitch is new to us too. One Reddit user claims to have tried to replicate the teleport, but it didn’t work for them.

A few other commenters attest that they have also seen similar glitches in the battle royale. However, a few Reddit users mention that the teleport bug usually occurs when a player is hit by an incoming loadout drop.

We wonder if the teleport glitch will also follow players to Warzone’s new Ural Mountains map.

In other recent news, Warzone players want the Resurgence Trios mode to return. After Modern Warfare fans were already angry at Cold War’s inclusion, now Activision is giving them further reasons to be unhappy.

However, in an effort to make up for the issues, Warzone is getting a new double XP event that starts today!

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