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Warzone Player Takes Out Bounty With Flying Car

Call of Duty: Warzone is a ridiculous game at the best of times, but none more than when you use a flying car to take out your bounty target.

In an incredible new clip by a Warzone player, we see what it’s like to have both gravity, and a whole lot of luck, on your side. While playing the popular battle royale with a squad, Reddit user Ayuanatm pulls off an incredible flying car maneuver.

We can only imagine what the enemy player’s viewpoint looked like. There’s a decent chance that they believed their death to be the cause of a new form of hacking.

This was clearly not the case, however, as we have the full footage of Ayuanatm’s incredible flying car.

Taking Out a Warzone Bounty With a Flying Car

A Warzone bounty is an enemy player that gets highlighted on your squad’s map. Taking out the contract target rewards your team with a cash prize, and it’s well-worth your time in-game.

Warzone Cash
(Source: Activision)

The player’s teammates were approaching their nearby bounty, and Ayuanatm got into a vehicle to quickly close the gap. As they arrive at Warzone’s dam, the player steps out of the machine.

Whether purposeful or not, the quick exit sends the car flying down to the icy reservoir below. Unfortunately for the bounty target, it appears the projectile was perfectly timed.

After close to ten whole seconds of hang time, the car hits the ground. On the way to the ground, however, it completely annihilates the enemy player.

Upon getting the ‘bloodthirsty’ award and seeing the bounty contract complete, Ayuanatm exclaims: “Oh, I killed someone?”

His squad is disbelieving, and we don’t blame them for being skeptical. After all, this is a one-in-a-million shot.

We’d love a chance to see this kill from the enemy’s perspective.

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