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Warzone Player Pulls Off Stuntman Driving in Amazing Chase

A Warzone player shows off amazing stuntman driving in a new clip from the popular battle royale.

There’s no denying that Call of Duty: Warzone is one of the most cinematic online experiences in recent history. With so many players sprawling across a huge map, with vehicles, explosions, and gunfire all around, the game lends itself well to creating spectacular footage.

Today, in a clip pulled straight from an action movie, Reddit user KSrager92 shows how his squad handles a high-speed chase sequence. Instead of simply running from the problem, here’s how to turn the situation in your favor.

How to be a Warzone Stuntman Driver

When the Warzone player’s squad came under fire from an approaching enemy vehicle, it was time for a real stuntman driving session. Turning the car around, the gamer took notes from action movies everywhere.

Continuing the chase in reverse allows KSrager92’s teammates to open fire on the enemy vehicle. From here, the chase is stylish but short-lived.

The team manages to damage the enemy squad enough that they retreat from the fight. The Warzone stuntman driver and his squad then become the pursuers.

Continuing the battle on foot, the squad departs their vehicle and begins to wipe out the enemy team. How the battle concludes, we’re not quite sure, but there’s no denying that KSrager92’s team deserved the win.

The enemy team might have had the drop on them, but it seems they were the worse shots in the end. Either that or perhaps they were too confused by the incredible driving skills being displayed.

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(Source: Activision)

Despite going in reverse, it’s clear from the clip that the vehicle is being driven with more skill than its opponent is displaying. Perhaps in an effort to avoid bullets, the enemy car swerves from side to side.

Of course, this likely makes it far harder to shoot than if you were holding a steady angle. Perhaps if everyone could drive like this gamer, vehicles would have to be removed from Warzone once again.

Call of Duty Warzone is something of a mixed bag as of late. It’s still a fun game, but issues such as Warzone bounties crashing entire servers tend to spoil the experience.

Hackers are also running rampant in the game, but the game’s developer is taking steps against the problem. A new wave of Call of Duty Warzone bans just went out, and Infinity Ward isn’t done yet.

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