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Warzone Player Pulls off Incredible Stim Victory in the Gas

This might be the best victory in Warzone, as one play comes back from the brink of death with a Stim to take the win.

Warzone's Stims aren't the most popular pieces of Tactical Equipment. But after today, we think there'll be a lot more users running them.

Usually, the only time we hear about Warzone Stims is when they're breaking the game. In fact, this has happened on about 6 different occasions now - we even saw Warzone's Infinite Stim glitch this very month.

warzone stim
(Source: Activision)

So it's a nice change of pace to see Warzone's Stims used as intended. Perhaps that'll stop players from asking the developers to remove Stims from Warzone completely.

Although we're guessing it won't.

Warzone's Best Stim Play of All Time

In a new clip posted to the CODWarzone subreddit, user rikminator may have just performed the best Stim play in Warzone for an easy victory.

After going down in a game of Warzone Duos, rikminator is left for dead as the gas creeps in. With just 8 players remaining in the Warzone match, it seems their enemy wasn't able to spare the time to finish them off.

But instead of choking to death, this player has other ideas. Thanks to their Self-Revive and Gas Mask, the Warzone fan gets back on their feet in no time.

warzone gas
(Source: Activision)

But instead of heading into the circle, they decide to take a small detour. Running into the gas, the user aims to get ahead of the moving Warzone ring.

Thankfully, they have two Stims to keep their health up on the move. They then make use of an Ammo Box to perform this legit infinite Stim glitch in Warzone.

But rikminator is no camper, and with just 2 enemies remaining they take offensive action. Using their Precision Airstrike, the user is able to target the enemy players' position.

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And then a flurry of bullets from an unexpected location finishes the job. And to think, none of this would have been possible, had the initial enemy just finished the job.

Recently we've seen a new Warzone Rebirth Island glitch give free wallhacks to players in-game. And a new rumor even reveals the release date for Soap MacTavish.

But the biggest battle royale news is all to do with the new leaked Warzone map which reportedly has a huge player count. We've got our first-ever image of the new Warzone map right here.

And what's more, there's a new map coming to Cold War Zombies' Outbreak mode too! But we don't have to wait to see what that one looks like either.

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Sunday 18th of April 2021

I mean... it just looks like the same strategy its_iron was practicing for 2 months straight for January Twitch Rivals.