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Warzone Player Gets Hilarious Revenge on Teammate for Stealing Loot

A player is only as good as their equipment when it comes to battle royale games. That’s why this Warzone player went out of their way to get hilarious revenge on a teammate who swiped their loot.

In Call of Duty: Warzone, players must race to find all available loot as fast as possible. However, you don’t steal from your own teammates.

As every good team player knows, it’s finders keepers when it comes to loot in Warzone. Of course, if a squad member pings a drop, then it’s up for grabs once more.

Warzone Revenge for Stealing Loot
(Source: Activision)

But not all players live by this Warzone honor code, it appears. In a hilarious new Warzone clip, one player gets revenge on their loot-stealing teammate.

How to Get Revenge When Your Teammate Is a Warzone Loot Thief

When Warzone user DesertFox9 opened their team’s final contracted Supply Box, they were met with some rather useful items. Among the drops was an Armor Satchel – a useful upgrade that allows players to carry up to 8 Armor Plates.

Unfortunately, the Armor Satchel was only out in the open for a few seconds before DesertFox9’s teammate snatched it up. As revenge, the player gets back into their nearby helicopter and attempts to fly away.

Warzone Revenge on Loot Thief Teammate
(Source: Activision)

Unfortunately, the user is unsuccessful, as the thieving teammate hops aboard too. That’s when the Warzone player comes up with a hilarious revenge plan to get their hands on the Armor Satchel after all.

Piloting the helicopter at full speed, the player drives their chopper directly into a nearby building. By leaping out at the last moment, the player manages to down their teammate instantly, and the thief is sent on a one-way trip to Warzone’s new Gulag.

DesertFox9 is then free to reclaim their Armor Satchel… and their friend knows never to cross them again. The user confirmed on Reddit that this was, in fact, their friend rather than a random matchmaking teammate.

Of course, this is all just a bit of fun at the end of the day. With so many players finding Warzone broken and boring lately, it’s moments like this that make the game worth playing.

Right now, Warzone is quite the messy game to play. With overpowered Warzone weapons running rampant, and bugs everywhere, the battle royale needs some real changes.

Now, Warzone players are even discovering ways to teleport across the map in seconds. And with no scope glint appearing on these Warzone snipers, you’ll need to teleport just to escape the incoming fire.

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