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Warzone Player Hides in Bathtub to Trick Enemy Squad

Call of Duty: Warzone is a chaotic mess of a game, as proven by one player who manages to hide in a bathtub to trick an enemy squad.

Whether you’re an ultra-competitive Warzone player or not, it helps to know the locations where you can get the drop on enemies. Now, it seems we can add bathtubs to that list.

When Reddit user EzPzLemon_Greezy encountered an enemy squad all by himself, it was almost game over for the player. Thankfully, the Warzone fan recently spent some time on the game’s subreddit and knew the perfect place to hide.

Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 6 Update 1.28
(Source: Activision)

Despite the user managing to take out one enemy, two more immediately came rushing around the corner. It was an unwinnable battle, and the player quickly retreated.

Heading into a nearby garage, the user was close to death. In an effort to stay alive, they initiated a Hail Mary by crawling into a bathtub.

Warzone Bathtubs Are Overpowered

Not only did the bathtub protect the player from an incoming grenade, but it also held strong as a series of explosives and thermites entered the storage compartment. Despite none of the enemy players receiving a kill notification, they must have thought that their fellow squad member got the message.

“They’re gonna find you”, the Reddit user’s team mate calls out.

“No they won’t,” the third member responds.

The user doesn’t even dare replenish his armor plates, but he does take the opportunity to reload his weapon. Given that he’s hiding so carefully, any giveaway noise might well reveal his position.

Eventually, the enemy enters the area to search for their target. All they find, however, is a quick trip to the Gulag.

With the element of surprise on his side, EzPzLemon_Greezy wipes both enemies without even getting shot. It seems that we’re going to have to be a lot warier of bathtubs in Warzone in the future.

If the premise of enemies hiding in bathtubs isn’t enough to scare you, perhaps the newest Halloween game mode will. The Haunting of Verdansk starts October 20 for Modern Warfare & Warzone.

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