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Warzone Player Explains Why You Don’t Need Meta Weapons To Win

It appears chasing the meta weapons every season in Warzone will not guarantee you a win — here’s why!

With Season 2 for Warzone Pacific nearing its end, we’ve already seen plenty of balancing changes that have shifted the weapons meta in the game.

However, not even the best guns can help you win gunfights if the server issues are making your game freeze.

That said, a Redditor believes that players should focus on getting comfortable with a few guns instead of chasing the meta picks.

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do you need meta weapons guns to win warzone battle royale matches

Stop Chasing Meta Weapons To Win, Say Warzone Players

While the casual players find it impossible to keep up with the weapons meta in Warzone, many in the community believe you don’t need the best guns all the time to win.

Reddit user ‘Alvorton‘ took to Warzone’s subreddit to express their opinions. The player believes that most guns can come in handy when used correctly.

Additionally, the meta has been dependent on the likes of broken guns like Bren and PPSh-41. Once these weapons are patched, which is inevitable, players have to go back to using the balanced weapons.

They also believe that it takes a while to get used to a weapon’s recoil, which in turn helps you be a better judge of the gun’s TTK.

Of course, many in the community share a similar opinion. Players stated that changing their weapons regularly usually results in them missing their shots more often than not.

“Just find guns you can hit your shots with at the desired ranges for said guns. Guns are probably the most balanced they’ve been right now, chasing an extra 10ms ttk with a gun you’re not good at using isn’t going to help you.”

Reddit user ‘ClapBackRat’

If you’re still going after the meta weapons, we’ve got the 5 best TTK loadouts that will help you kill your opponents fastest in Warzone.

warzone pacific season 3 meta weapons guns best ttk

Further, a few players also believe that having the best weapons for close quarter combat is a must. Although, to win longer range gunfights, it depends on what gun you’re most accurate and comfortable with.

With that in mind, make sure you check out the best meta SMG loadouts and meta long-range weapons in Warzone Pacific Season 2.

Also, make sure you know how to open the Golden Vaults in Rebirth Island. You’ll need a code to unlock these Easter Eggs in the game.

In other news, Warzone players are angry over server issues making their game freeze and stutter. It looks like we need higher tick-rate servers after all!

Many fans also think that streamers usnig VPNs are dominating easier lobbies and ruining their Warzone experience.

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Brian Daniels

Wednesday 13th of April 2022

When they going to fix inactive battlepass.Reach 100 tiers weeks ago ,and still no fix