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Warzone Player Discovers New “Bomb Drone” Killstreak Early

There’s a new Bomb Drone killstreak in Call of Duty: Warzone, and you can use it right now.

It seems that Warzone is adding yet another killstreak to the game. The Bomb Drone is the ultimate tool to counter camping players, and it’s already able to be found.

In the past, players have been getting creative with their use of recon drones. Strapping C4 to the scouting equipment allowed users to blow up enemies from a distance.

(Source: Reddit)

Now, it seems that the community tactic is outdated, thanks to the use of the new Bomb Drone killstreak.

Warzone’s Bomb Drone Killstreak Is Available Now

According to a Reddit user, who shares a clip of the Bomb Drone in action, the killstreak is already in Warzone. The Bomb Drone can be found in loot-filled bunkers, at least for the time being.

Unlike prior early leaks, this killstreak is 100% usable. Once activated, players have a limited time to fly the Bomb Drone before it detonates, harming nearby players.

(Source: Treyarch)

It’s sure to be a frustrating weapon to fight against, but we’d wager that the Bomb Drone can be shot down fairly easily. They’re relatively fast-moving, though, so players may have issues destroying the drone in time.

It seems unlikely that the modern-tech Bomb Drone is part of Black Ops Cold War content, despite the game releasing in a matter of hours. Therefore, perhaps the killstreak’s appearance is just circumstantial timing.

At the moment, we can confirm that the Bomb Drone is at least found in bunkers. In the future, perhaps it will become more readily available, however.

Hopefully, the Bomb Drone never becomes too common of a drop. We can’t imagine playing Warzone and fearing explosives raining from the sky every few seconds.

It seems that Warzone’s latest update brought at least one secret new item into the game. It also brought some less secret unlocks, but you’ll be discovering these with your wallets.

Here are all the new Warzone cosmetic bundles in update 1.29. Players have also spotted the RC-XD in Warzone, alongside other Cold War-era equipment.

Although the Warzone crossover isn’t happening just yet, Call of Duty fans may want to pay attention to the Black Ops Cold War worldwide release times. Who knows what new content could be heading our way?

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