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Warzone Player Completes Fastest Bounty Contract Ever

Watch this ridiculous clip of Warzone’s fastest Bounty contract ever.

Contracts are missions that Warzone players can undertake during a match of Battle Royale. They award the players with money or intel that can be useful to secure the win.

Bounty contracts highlight a specific opponent on the map and task the player to track that opponent down before a timer runs out.

The opponent’s location on the map is marked by a large yellow circle. This circle gets smaller as you get closer to the opponent. Therefore, it usually takes quite a while to track down your bounty target.

However, this lucky player completed a Bounty contract instantly. This is quite possibly the fastest bounty ever completed in Warzone.

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Warzone Fastest Bounty

Warzone’s Fastest Bounty Ever

Redditor Kaspriskee posted a ridiculous clip of what might possibly be the fastest Warzone Bounty completion ever.

The player is going through houses next to Lumber to look for loot and then sees an opponent off in the distance towards Stadium. He then lines up his sniper rifle and gets a headshot to eliminate the opponent straight away.

Afterward, a whole load of messages popped up on the screen after he killed the enemy. First, the ‘Contract Started’ message appeared, followed by others, and then finally the ‘Contract Completed’ message came up.

Somehow, the player sniped an opponent without even realizing that they were his bounty target. The only explanation for this is that his teammate picked up the bounty in the tiny space of time between the trigger being pulled and the sniper shot killing the target.

This has to be a one in a million chance. You probably couldn’t even replicate it if you tried.

Check out the full video of the fastest ever Warzone Bounty below.

Kaspriskee Reddit

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