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Warzone Player Commits the Ultimate Betrayal in Hilarious Clip

This Warzone player is feeling the ultimate betrayal after encountering what looked like a friendly enemy player.

Warzone Solos isn’t a place for making friends. However, the huge-scale battle royale does allow fans to play the game whichever way they would like.

This often leads to some interesting interactions between users, and it’s one of the reasons that Warzone is so great. But trusting a fellow player in a last-man-standing battle royale is always a risky move.

warzone season 2 cutscene
(Source: Activision)

Sometimes, it can pay off, like when these two Warzone players settled business with honor in an epic fistfight. And other times, it ends up like this…

Warzone’s Biggest Betrayal of all Time?

In a recent clip posted to the Warzone subreddit, one player may have committed the battle royale’s biggest ever betrayal.

After getting the drop on an enemy, user ZeCaptn chooses not to finish off the kill. Instead, given that the user has a self-revive, they simply give the downed user a few thumbs up.

The enemy player revives themselves, getting back to their feet, and the two players exchange pleasantries. Perhaps as a way to thank their new friend, the revived player even drops all their loot on the ground.

warzone biggest betrayal
(Source: Activision)

Happy in their bond, ZeCaptn leaves his new ally, grabbing a nearby loadout drop. However, it’s on their return that all goes wrong.

As they arrive back at the top of the ladder, the other player shoots them on sight. As ZeCaptn bleeds out, they shake their head at the enemy player.

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But when they’re not finished immediately, they begin to revive themselves much like the other player had done. Unfortunately, that’s when the enemy confirms their betrayal, by finishing the job.

This just confirms that you truly can’t trust anyone in Warzone. Perhaps you’ll have better luck in the upcoming Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer remaster – but we doubt that very much.

If you’re wondering why these players just didn’t kill each other on sight, it’s likely because many Warzone players aren’t enjoying the game anymore. With the battle royale growing increasingly unfun to play, many users are looking for new ways to entertain themselves.

However, with Warzone Season 2 now being teased in a new cinematic, it might not be long before we get some new content. Here’s when Warzone Season 2 will be kicking off.

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