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Warzone Player Comes Up With A Daring New Helicopter Strategy

This Warzone player risks it all in a daring new helicopter strategy that results in a fantastic pay-off.

Sometimes it’s worth risking a game to see if you can pull a particularly stylish kill off in Warzone. It appears that’s exactly what this user believes after hiding behind an enemy helicopter and waiting for the owners to return.

One common drop in Call of Duty Warzone is at one of the game’s many vaults, which can be unlocked using a secret code. Inside, there’s a world of loot to explore, which is why players often race to these locations as quickly as possible.

Warzone Helicopter
(Source: Activision)

However, when you’re second to the vault, things get a lot trickier. Deciding that they weren’t likely to be able to take on full-equipped enemy players with little more than a pistol, Reddit user nervandal decides to improvise.

Warzone Player’s New Helicopter Strategy

Instead of following the enemy squad into the vault, nervandal waits out by their vehicle. When the team returns to make their escape, there’s a nasty surprise waiting for them.

Hearing an enemy on the way, the Warzone player employs their new helicopter strategy by beating them to the vehicle. Entering the chopper immediately leads to the blades turning on as the engine starts up.

This proves fatal for the enemy player who was leaping into the helicopter from above. The last thing the enemy saw before his demise was his trusty vehicle changing color before his very eyes.

That, and the whirling blades of death, of course. The Warzone player posted his strategy to the game’s official subreddit, with the title ‘I can’t believe the dumb ideas I have work”.

It’s this kind of play that makes us realize just how fun Warzone can be as a game. While the battle royale is host to bugs and hackers alike, it can truly shine in a number of ways.

And right now, the game is shining in a new light, with Warzone’s Zombie Royale mode proving more popular than anticipated. In fact, Warzone players want zombie royale to be a permanent addition to the game.

That said, it’s getting a little scarier than ever to be a Warzone fan. Some players are getting terrified over Warzone’s jumpscares in its new Halloween update.

Despite this, Haunting of Verdansk refuses to tone down the spooks. We’ll have to accept that the scary aspect of the battle royale is here to stay for now.