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Warzone is Now 100% Pay to Win, Confirms JGOD

In a new upload, professional Call of Duty player JGOD confirms that Warzone is, in fact, Pay to Win.

As if Warzone didn't have enough problems to deal with at the moment, it seems the popular battle royale now contains Pay to Win elements. For those unfamiliar with the concept, a Pay to Win game is exactly what it sounds like:

Those players who choose to spend extra cash in-game are rewarded with a better chance at winning.

Warzone 100% Pay to Win, Claims JGOD
(Source: Activision)

This issue blows all others out of the water, even the overpowered DMR that is ruining Warzone. Right now, Warzone has a lot of major issues that need fixing, but none are more severe than this one.

New Warzone Blueprint is Pay to Win

Even after a new nerf, the Mac-10 is now dominating Warzone, thanks to a new Pay to Win Blueprint.

Recently, Cold War weapons were integrated into Warzone, and it went about as poorly as you'd expect. With tons of new weapons entering the game all at once, of course the balance was completely off.

The DMR 14, Mac-10, Type 63, and Akimbo Diamattis were all far too powerful, to the point where they dominated the battle royale. Now, a new Warzone nerf patch has fixed some of the issues, but not all of them.

Gallantry Pay to Win Warzone(1)
(Source: Activision)

For example, while the Mac-10 now boasts less headshot damage, players are still finding it more than viable. And there's a reason for this.

The base Mac-10 is now in a much better place than it was previously, but there's a way to keep your gun at a broken level. Those who splash out and purchase the Gallantry Blueprint for the Mac-10 are awarded a tremendous advantage in-game.

According to JGOD, a professional Call of Duty player and YouTuber, the Mac-10 Blueprint is significantly better than its base counterpart. In fact, the Gallantry will do just as much damage to an enemy player's limbs as a headshot with the base Mac-10.

This is an insane boost, and it's clearly a Pay-to-Win element in the game. If it was just headshot damage that hadn't been changed, that would be one thing.

But the Gallantry Mac-10 actually has higher damage figures all around, including on body shots. And according to JGOD, this is a major cause for concern.

Are Other Warzone Blueprints Pay to Win Too?

The fact that the Gallantry is so clearly broken is majorly troubling, as it raises one big question. Are other Warzone Blueprints also boosting weapons in unfair ways?

JGOD believes this could be a real issue in Call of Duty: Warzone, going forward.

"There's no way that could be an error," the YouTuber states. "That's like they took the MP5 damage values, and basically gave it to the Mac-10, with the Fennec rate of fire."

JGOD also wants to know if other Blueprints have been affecting Warzone since launch. After all, there was no reason to test them up until now.

We're just thankful that there aren't any broken DMR 14 Blueprints being found... yet. However, one Warzone player may already have the best strategy to beat the DMR 14.

Recently we saw new details for the second major Warzone map leak online. Hopefully, by the time this new content is ready to release, the game is fixed for all users.

But if Activision doubles down on this new Pay to Win system, we imagine the player base will soon see a rapid decrease.

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