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Warzone Pacific’s Best Gun Is an LMG – Highest K/D Ever in the Battle Royale!

Warzone Pacific’s best gun might have just been revealed, with an insanely high kill/death statistic.

Warzone’s Vanguard integration is finally here, and some of the game’s new guns are already making waves. When you add dozens of new weapons to a battle royale game all at once, it stands to reason that some might be a little overpowered.

However, it also takes some time for the meta to finally settle down after such a huge new addition. Now, there’s one gun that appears to have the highest kill/death ratio in the history of Warzone, and it’s being slept on right now.


Recently, Raven Software completely changed one major feature of Warzone, and it’s made some guns a top-tier pick. And if you don’t believe us, we’ve got the stats to prove it.

And now that Rebirth Island is returning to Warzone at last, we can enjoy racking up the kills before a nerf creeps in.

Warzone’s Best Weapon Is the Bren, New Stats Reveal

According to new statistics, the highest K/D weapon in the history of Warzone is the Bren!

The powerful Vanguard LMG is definitely not overly popular right now, but its stats are hard to deny. In a list posted by WZRanked, the analytics site reveals that the Bren currently has the highest K/D ratio in Warzone by some distance.

Despite a pick rate of just 1.21%, the Brens’s daily K/D average is 1.75, compared to the Cooper Carbine’s 1.33.

But with that second place weapon just getting a new nerf in the latest Warzone Pacific patch, we anticipate the Bren becoming increasingly dominant in the coming days.

Check out the best Bren loadout in Warzone Pacific here!

bren warzone loadout

It’s worth noting, however, that these statistics don’t reveal everything we need to know about the Bren.

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Is the Bren Really the Best Warzone Gun?

For example, seeing as the Bren is currently unpopular, it could be that a small number of players are performing well with the gun. Comparing this to a much larger array of players performing averagely with other weapons may not lead to accurate results.

Now that the Bren is about to be much more popular in Warzone, expect these numbers to change very soon. And while the gun is currently the highest K/D weapon in Warzone to date, this might not be the case for long.

Meanwhile, there’s one major problem with Warzone that’s annoying players right now – Krampus. The Christmas event is definitely causing some frustration in-game.

But if people are angry now, just wait until Titans from Attack on Titan appear in the game. Recently, we got the reveal of the Levi Operator skin in Warzone and it does not look good.

Thankfully, it appears that RICOCHET is now fully active in Warzone. The game feels great with a working anti-cheat, and we hope this is the beginning of Warzone Pacific getting it together.

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