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Warzone Pacific: When to Get Your Loadout Drop in Caldera

Find out when you can get or call in your Loadout Drop in Caldera after the huge new Warzone Pacific update.

Grabbing your custom loadout is one of the most important parts of any Warzone match. However, it’ll never be the same again.

Now that we know every change in the Warzone Pacific update, it’s clear that developer Raven Software has made a huge change to how Loadout Drops Work.

Find out when you can get your Loadout Drop in Caldera after the Warzone Pacific update.

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Warzone Pacific

New Caldera Loadout Drop System Explained – Warzone Pacific Update

While everyone is busy exploring all of the new locations and POIs in Caldera, one important Warzone change has gone under the radar. How you get your Loadout Drops is very different now!

Previously, you could buy a Loadout Drop Marker for $10,000 at any point in the game. However, Raven has limited this in Caldera.

Players won’t be able to purchase a loadout drop in Warzone anymore until the first free Loadout Drop arrives. This means that players will have to use ground loot weapons for longer.

This won’t be a problem if you go to this rare loot hot spot in Caldera though.

Warzone Pacific Map
Warzone Blog

Luckily, everyone will still receive 2 free Loadout Drops during the course of a match. The first will come in circle 2 and the second will drop during circle 6.

This means that you don’t necessarily have to save up loads of money. Although we would still recommend parachuting to the best landing spots in Caldera anyway!

While some players may not like these changes, it is for the good of the game. It means that everyone will be on more of a level playing field for the first circle.

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Another huge change coming in Warzone Pacific has to do with vehicles. Players will now be able to fly planes in Warzone and have exciting aerial dogfights!

Meanwhile, if you’re dropping into Caldera any time soon, you should definitely be using these meta weapon loadouts to take down your opponents:

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Wednesday 15th of December 2021

so many money... and you cant get you loadout before your enemies... this sucks hard!!

For me, the begining of the game is so not fun anymore... one of the fun was to jump from parachute and run to find money, a lot of times it was hard to find and it makes me run to another place...

now... you jump from parachute... you find tons of money... and wait... wait... for the loadout... warzone is not fun as it was