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Warzone Pacific: Vanguard Weapons Aren’t Meta, Says JGOD

Warzone weapons expert JGOD has revealed what he thinks of Vanguard weapons in the Pacific Map, Caldera!

The highlight of the Warzone Pacific update is, of course, the brand-new tropical map, Caldera. However, this is just one of the many new additions to the game.

There has also been the full integration of Vanguard content into Warzone and players can now use all of the Vanguard guns and weapons in Caldera. However, this may not be the best thing.

JGOD has now spent some time testing the Vanguard weapons in Caldera and he’s come to a conclusion that might shock players.

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Warzone Pacific

Are Vanguard Weapon Loadouts Viable in Warzone Pacific?

As Vanguard weapons have 10 attachments in Warzone, many thought that they would be too powerful. However, they actually might not be powerful enough.

In his latest video, JGOD reveals the TTK of Vanguard weapons in Warzone Pacific and the results are very surprising.

Most Vanguard weapons have a very slow TTK in Warzone when you don’t count the Perks that give you extra damage such as Vital.

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This led JGOD to say that not enough of the Vanguard weapons are competitive or even viable in Warzone at the moment compared to the meta Cold War and modern Warfare weapons.

Luckily, you can still use some great Cold War and Modern Warfare weapons in Caldera. Otherwise, everyone would be left with very few options.

Warzone Pacific Caldera Loading Screen

However, they aren’t all bad. There are still a few meta loadouts for Vanguard weapons in Warzone:

Make sure to use these loadouts to stand a chance against the meta weapons from the previous Call of Duty games in Warzone.

Also, be sure to stay tuned for any potential changes to weapons. Raven Software has announced that a huge weapon balancing patch is coming very soon.


It’s not just meta weapons that can help you get wins in Warzone though. Parachuting to the best landing spots in Caldera will give all of your matches the best start.

Also, you’ll want to know all of the plane spawn locations in Caldera. These new vehicles are by far the most powerful in the game.

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