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Warzone Pacific Vanguard Fast Weapons Level Up Glitch Still Active

Players have found a strategy to level up guns fast in Warzone Pacific thanks to a bugged weapon XP system.

Warzone took a step towards a new direction with the Pacific update going live on 8th December. Aside from the new map Caldera, there are a lot of new features available in the game now.

One such addition was the introduction of fighter planes and attack helicopters. And one daring Warzone Pacific player already won a battle royale by flying a plane for the entire match.

But it appears the quest for leveling up the weapons is still on and few players have figured out a broken system to do so.

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warzone pacific level up guns fast

How to Level up Vanguard Guns Fast in Warzone Pacific

Leveling up your weapons is essential in Warzone to unlock their attachments. Luckily, one player has shared their way to level up Vanguard weapons in Warzone Pacific from Level 1 to 70 in about 30 minutes.

Here are the steps to level up your weapons quickly in Warzone Pacific:

  1. Activate the Double XP token.
  2. Queue for Rebirth Island duo and get a weapon as soon as possible after landing.
  3. Find a chopper and fly around the map.
  4. Spam supply runs with your duo.
  5. Each contract will provide you with nearly 1000 XP but with the Double XP event and the Double XP token, you will gain around 4000 XP.

Also, keep in mind that avoiding other players is the key. It’s not necessary to take fights. Contracts are the source of XP and priority should be to just repeat the supply runs.

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warzone pacific vanguard weapons level up quick

Thanks to Reddit user ‘JustLawlyOnTwitch‘ for sharing the above guide. According to the player, this method is even faster than playing Vanguard’s multiplayer.

Further, it appears this method might be short-lived as XP tokens and events are not supposed to stack.

In other news, a new Vanguard weapon is making waves in the battle royale and emerging as the most overpowered weapon in Warzone Pacific right now.

Also, many players feel that it’s impossible to keep up with the Warzone weapons meta.

Finally, make sure you follow these guides to increase your chances at survival in Caldera:

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