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Warzone Pacific Update: Weapon Bloom Reduction & More – 1.49 Patch Notes

Raven Software has made some changes to Fighter Planes and addressed weapon bloom in the latest December 10 Warzone Pacific 1.49 update.

Warzone Pacific has finally launched with its brand new Caldera map. The map is a complete departure from Verdansk.

Caldera offers a tropical Pacific island full of extensive landmarks and colorful beaches. This massive change did not come without a few issues here and there.

Even though many gamers are having a great time in Caldera, others have encountered many bugs.

Recently, gamers reported Caldera was suffering from audio issues. The developer is addressing concerns and rolling out updates and fixes as fast as possible.

Today, Raven Software shared the patch notes of its most recent 1.49 update for Warzone Pacific’s Caldera map.

Warzone Pacific Caldera Power Plant (1)

Warzone Pacific December 10 Patch Notes

Raven Software stated the Warzone Pacific December 10 1.49 update reduced the volume of aerial elements, balanced several weapons, and reduced weapon bloom.

Weapon Adjustments

These are the main changes coming in this update:

  • Reduced eareal elements (Fighter Planes, Bombing Runs, and Airstrike Killstreaks).
  • Fighter Planes will not auto-target parachuting players anymore.
  • Drastic weapon bloom reduction.

This update does not solve the weapon bloom issue entirely. According to Raven Software, the final goal is to remove bloom altogether.

Although, there is no set timeframe for this fix as each weapon will require independent balance to adequate to this change.


The following weapons were nerfed due to balancing adjustments:

  • NZ-41 (Recoil increase)
  • Swiss K31 (Damage decrease)
  • M1912 (Damage decrease)
  • Owen Gun (Mid Damage Range decrease)
  • PPSh-41 (Damage Decrease)
  • Sten (Damage Decrease)


The following weapons were buffed due to balancing adjustments:

  • Swiss K31 (Second Damage Range added)
  • Owen Gun (Maximum Damage increase, Headshot Damage Multiplier increase)
  • Type 100 (Maximum Damage increase, Mid and Min Damage increase)

Aside from these changes, Raven Software fixed some minor bugs.

The 1.49 update also adjusted some Barrels, Foregrips, and Magazines stats. If you are interested in reading all the details about these changes, you can do so at Raven Software’s site.

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Warzone Pacific Caldera Vehicles Warfare (1)

The developer has constantly addressed issues escalated by the community this week. Not long ago, gamers mentioned issues with weapon bloom.

After this report, Raven Software promptly addressed this situation in the 1.49 Warzone Pacific update. Moreover, it also stated a solution for Warzone Pacific’s performance issues on PS4 and PS5 is in the works.

Lastly, if you are enjoying Warzone Pacific or plan to join the fun shortly, here are some tips and tricks for Caldera you should know!

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