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Latest Warzone Pacific Update Creates More Frustrating Bugs

The latest Warzone Pacific update seems to have generated more bugs than fixes for several players.

Warzone Pacific has now been live for almost a month. During this time, many gamers have enjoyed this title and praised the change of scenery.

Although, a vast number of gamers have pointed out many issues with the game. For instance, since its release, players have complained about audio issues affecting Caldera.

As players report these issues, Raven Software has quickly addressed most of them. The developer releases constant updates for the title to keep bugs at bay.

Unfortunately, some of these updates could be somewhat of a hit and miss for some gamers. This seems to be the case for the latest Warzone Pacific update.

Warzone Pacific Players Reported New Bugs After the Latest Update

Warzone Pacific received an update today, and right after it launched, some players started reporting a variety of bugs and glitches in the game.

One of the first things some gamers noticed is that this seems to affect those on console and running the game on HDMI 2.1 at 120Hz more often.

In essence, this update aimed to fix an issue with Plunder and nerf the Double Barrel Shotgun Akimbo.

Gamers reported that after this update picking up weapons, they became invisible. This is not the first time players have reported this issue. However, the problem began for some right after the update.

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For other players, aim assist was affected after this update.

Unfortunately, other players were affected by much more than an in-game bug. Some gamers reported that their install file was corrupted after the latest Warzone Pacific update.

Also, other players experienced visual glitches in the form of missing assets.

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In addition to fixes for all of the Warzone Pacific update issues mentioned above, players are demanding for a plane nerf in Caldera.

This petition started after players proved that they could use planes for an easy Battle Royale win.

Additionally, some players are also experiencing issues with the gas mask animations even after the developer made changes to improve them.

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