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Warzone Pacific Season 3 Update: Release Date, Map Changes, Events, and More

Warzone Pacific Season 3 is right around the corner and here are all the changes and additions you can expect in the battle royale with the release of the update.

With Season 2 nearing its end, players are looking forward to the exciting content that will be introduced with the next season.

While the Golden Vaults in Rebirth Island could open anytime now, many in the community want Raven to tackle the issues surrounding the game.

That said, here’s everything you can expect in Warzone Pacific Season 3 including several map changes, bug fixes, and weapon balancing tweaks.

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Warzone Pacific Season 3 Update: Potential Changes Coming to Battle Royale

With Season 3 for Warzone Pacific likely releasing towards the end of April, the lead developers at Raven Software have given the community some insights on what to expect in the new season.

Both Ted Timmins, Senior Creative Director, along with Josh Bridge, Creative Lead at Raven Software, have held Q&A sessions with several streamers over the last few weeks.

The developers addressed major questions like Verdansk’s return to Warzone and ranked mode for the battle royale. However, they did provide some exciting changes for the next season.

Here are all the changes that might make it into the game with the Season 3 update for Warzone Pacific:

Caldera Map Changes in Warzone Pacific Season 3

While no changes to any of the POIs have been confirmed, we can expect a few facelifts to the existing Caldera POIs.

The devs also stated that they find the Peak POI very interesting as players can rotate to anywhere on the map from this highground.

We can also expect Caldera’s pacing change in the next few patches, as the devs find the redeployable balloons very interesting. Although, they refused to comment on the feature’s addition to the game anytime soon.

With Raven accepting community’s feedback more than ever, it would be interesting to see how many changes make their way into the game to improve how Caldera plays out.

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Sniper Meta Changes in Season 3 of Warzone Pacific

It’s no surprise that the Kar98k and the Swiss K31 are the only viable snipers in Warzone right now. However, the sniper rifles have been getting a lot of love lately since the player health buff in battle royale.

In an interview with the Baka Bros, Ted Timmins shed some light on the sniper changes for Season 3.

“We do plan a meta shift for the snipers for Season 3. I think we would all agree it’s long overdue,” said Ted Timmins.

It would be interesting see whether Kar98k or Swiss K31 will receive a nerf. Further, it’s likely that the off-meta weapons might receive a buff.

Consistent Weapons Meta

While some players enjoy the evolving weapons meta in Warzone, a majority of the player base is unable to keep up with it.

Of course the devs are well aware of this problem. And have stated that Raven doesn’t want to keep on changing the meta.

They also added that Season 3 can see some balancing changes to ensure all players get to play with the meta weapons. Thus, avoiding the grind to level up and unlock the attachments for the current meta guns.

Although if you want to max out your weapon’s levels right now in Warzone, make sure to use JGOD’s fastest way to level up.

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Bug Fixes and Footstep Audio Improvement in Warzone Pacific Season 3

There are several bugs frustrating Warzone players right now. From the reticle bug in optic attachments to the Caldera’s visibility issues, fans of the game have been demanding fixes for a while now.

That said, Raven has stepped up their game and we can see fixes roll out for many of these issues in the next season.

Also, the directional footstep audio plays a crucial role especially during those close quarter gunfights. The players have been demanding better audio for the same.

That said, there are rumors going around that Raven might refine the game sounds in Warzone Pacific Season 3.

In other news, Rebirth Island Golden Vault might open very soon. It seems the community has picked up pace and will complete all the Rebirth challenges soon!

But it seems the players aren’t sure if the Rebirth Reinforced Challenge kill counter is legit. Is Raven boosting the number of kills?

Finally make sure you’re rocking the best meta guns in Warzone Pacific Season 2:

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Monday 18th of April 2022

I'm wondering why the character challenges aren't being saved to the game example get 50 kills with wade I got more then 150 kills so this challenge would be complete but it resets the count for this and multiple other characters.