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Warzone Pacific: RICOCHET Anti Cheat Is Now Active in North America

Finally, the good news everyone has been waiting for has finally arrived – Warzone Pacific’s RICOCHET anti-cheat is now live in North America!

Players have been dropping into Caldera for almost a week now. However, there are still a few problems with the Warzone Pacific update.

As soon as Warzone pacific was released there were already hackers in Caldera which upset loads of players. However, this wasn’t because the anti-cheat didn’t work.

In fact, RICOCHET just wasn’t enabled in all regions yet. Although, this isn’t the case anymore!

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Warzone Pacific

RICOCHET Anti Cheat in Now Live in Warzone Caldera

Activision has been very busy trying to remove all hacks from Warzone over the past week. This started when the publisher shut down Warzone cheats provider Mangocheats.

Then, Activision also targeted huge Warzone cheats provider EngineOwning in a ban wave. This rid Warzone of even more hackers.

The final step in the process was finally putting the much-anticipated RICOCHET anti-cheat live in Warzone in the North American region.

RICOCHET had previously been active in the Asia-Pacific region, but North American players were still patiently waiting.

This is important as Warzone hackers were on the rise before the RICOCHET anti-cheat system arrived.

Warzone Pacific

As of last night’s update, RICOCHET is active for Warzone players in North America. What’s more, Warzone requires PC players to have the RICOCHET anti-cheat system to play the game.

Unfortunately, with many Warzone hackers playing on console, there’s still no guarantee that your game will be totally cheat-free though.

This should at least help keep the game free of hackers though, which is what players have wanted for well over a year now. Hopefully, Warzone will now be much more enjoyable and fair for everyone.

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Warzone Pacific

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