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Warzone Pacific: Raven Software Responds About FOV Slider in Caldera

A member of Raven Software has responded to fans asking for a FOV slider in the new Warzone Pacific map, Caldera – this is what he said:

Filed of view is one of the most controversial topics for all Warzone players. Although, almost every player is on the same page with this issue.

It’s no secret that increased FOV gives PC players a huge advantage in Warzone. This is the cause of all of the controversy.

Console players believe that they are at an unfair disadvantage when playing on crossplay and, therefore, have been asking for a Warzone FOV slider on PlayStation and Xbox for months now.

Warzone Pacific Caldera Map

However, now that the Warzone Pacific update has finally dropped, we know that Caldera doesn’t have a FOV slider on last or next-gen consoles. This has prompted outrage from fans, unsurprisingly.

However, the Raven Software Creative Director has now spoken out about the lack of FOV slider in Warzone Pacific.

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Raven Responds About Warzone Pacific Having No FOV Slider

Despite Warzone players suffering from crashes and freezing in Caldera as well as experiencing a load of graphical and texture bugs, the lack of FOV slider is still the biggest disappointment in the Warzone Pacific update.

Luckily, Creative Director for Raven Software, Ted Timmins has responded to the fan outrage over the lack of field of view options.

Firstly, he highlighted all of the major changes in the Warzone Pacific update. These tweaks have gone down well with fans, they aren’t deemed anywhere near as important as a FOV slider.

Then, Timmins assured fans that “Raven listens” to the fans and will continue to work hard following the Pacific update.

While this message is a little vague, players will be hoping that this means that Raven is working towards adding a FOV slider to console versions of Warzone in the future.

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Ted Timmins

Meanwhile, publisher Activision is also working hard to improve the game too – by removing hackers. A huge Warzone cheat provider has just been shut down by Activision which should mean fewer aimbots in Caldera!

Plus, if you’re dropping into the new map, you’ll want to find out where you can find planes in Caldera. This is by far the most exciting new addition in the Warzone Pacific update.

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Comments 4



Wednesday 15th of December 2021

The most simple short term fix is remove the FOV slider for the PC players until it's available for everyone. Problem solved


Sunday 12th of December 2021

Aww poor console gamers and their aim assists need more. Do y'all just want the game to award you winners before dropping in? Would that be easier?

Wednesday 15th of December 2021

@Matt, you do know that PC players that use a controller get twice the aim assist of console players and they still get the FOV slider and the advantage of higher FPS.


Thursday 9th of December 2021

at least make it so you can select cross play for only consoles and exclude PC users.