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Warzone Pacific: Raven Software Investigates Battle Pass XP Issue

Another bug has popped up in Warzone Pacific, this time affecting Battle Pass XP gained after matches.

Warzone Pacific and its Caldera map are finally here for players to enjoy.

This massive change says goodbye to Verdansk and introduces a whole new map, and a complete revamp to the game’s weapons.

As expected, changes of this magnitude do not arrive without a few rough edges. As the game launched, many players started reporting crashes and freezing during some Warzone Pacific matches.

Raven Software has quickly addressed most of these situations. Although, as expected, these fixes will take time.

As the developer continues to work on solutions, a new bug affecting XP gained for Warzone Pacific’s Battle Pass has been identified.

Warzone Pacific Battle Pass

Raven Software Addresses Battle Pass XP Bug in Warzone Pacific

Raven Software has officially addressed a bug that causes gamers to receive less-than-intended Battle Pass XP after a match.

Currently, Raven Software added this issue to its Trello board of reported problems. At the moment, this issue is now under investigation.

Due to the ongoing investigation, there is still no timeframe for a solution.

Many gamers also shared their frustration about this issue in particular. Some started noticing even getting past Tier 1 was a big challenge.

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Other gamers thought this was the intended progression system. The issue prompted several requests to change the Battle Pass XP system on Warzone Pacific.

Unfortunately, this also affected many gamers who used Double XP tokens to speed up the leveling process.

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The Battle Pass XP bug is hardly the only issue affecting Warzone Pacific players. Thus far, many gamers have reported graphics and texture glitches in Caldera.

Raven Software has addressed this issue and provided a temporary fix for the texture glitches in Warzone Pacific.

Warzone Pacific Trello XP Gain Battle Pass Issues

Gamers also voiced their desire to get a FOV slider for the game’s console version.

Raven Software likewise commented about the FOV slider situation on consoles.

The developer is undoubtedly addressing issues quickly. It is to be determined if fixes will roll out at the same pace.

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Comments 5



Tuesday 28th of December 2021

Seasonal progression does not work, bugs when ADS sometimes instead of a scope your looking at a black flaired mass which blocks your view, some guy was invisible yesterday down near the armoury or he was inside the walls could not see him he just kept wiping our squad...pretty putrid to put out the game with all this crap wrong with it and ricochet is not doing its job either wtf

Dan R.

Wednesday 22nd of December 2021

Played a round of zombies on vanguard Dec 20th. Got insane player and battlepass level ups. Played the following night for a couple hours and battlepass xp didn't change at all. Paid 150 tokens to see if it'd let me buy another level and it did. But apparently I can't play and earn battlepass xp like normal right now. Really pissed...


Saturday 11th of December 2021

I can’t do any challenges on the seasonal progression , the first box(AR kills) is still locked even though I am level 30 . Also the daily challenges are not working , I can’t change any of them .

Friday 10th of December 2021

A joke just like the new map.


Friday 24th of December 2021

I can't even raise my level I've been 1 for the last couple hours