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Warzone Pacific: Raven Software Promises Fixes for Console Performance Issues in Mid-Season Patch

Raven Software has addressed Warzone Pacific’s console performance issues and has promised fixes in the mid-season patch.

Warzone Pacific has been out for a month. During that time, gamers have experienced the new tropical setting the Caldera map brought into the Warzone mix.

After this time, some players have certainly welcomed the change from Verdansk. Some other gamers are not that satisfied, especially when it comes to the technical aspects of the game.

There has been a considerable list of issues affecting Caldera. Raven Software has been quick to address most of them.

Recently, the developer addressed the invisible Wraith and Weaver skin problem. But, even with this excellent response time, one pressing issue was yet not acknowledged by Raven Software, console performance.

Today, Raven Software has commented on this critical matter for Warzone Pacific console gamers.


Raven Software Acknowledges Warzone Pacific Console Performance

After a month of constant Warzone Pacific performance issues on console, Raven Software has officially addressed the situation and promised solutions in its mid-season patch.

Furthermore, this mid-season update rolls out tomorrow. The developers stated this patch would include some solutions for console performance issues.

Notably, the patch will address problems on both PlayStation and Xbox platforms. Once the update rolls out tomorrow, the developer will share a detailed patch note file to detail specific changes per platform.

In addition to these comments, Raven Software also clarified this patch will not solve all the issues affecting console performance at once and thanked gamers for their patience.

For those on PS5, the developer shared some tips to avoid performance issues in the meantime. These are the same tips gamers have shared for a while and seem to work for some Xbox Series X | S users.

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Aside from the issues with console performance, Warzone Pacific has suffered from an increased cheater activity despite the launch of RICOCHET.

Hackers have been prominent enough that gamers believe cheaters are ruining many Caldera lobbies. While developers work on a solution, players have requested a console-only crossplay option to avoid hackers.

Raven Software is also tackling weapon balance in Caldera. In a recent statement, the developer mentioned plans to increase the overall weapon TTK in Warzone Pacific.

Although, some players are already concerned this change will reduce the skill gap.

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